Stassi Schroeder Reveals In Her Book She Was Briefly In Scientology; Says She Met With Tom Cruise’s Mentor!

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Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder reveals in her upcoming tell-all book, Next Level Basic, that she was briefly in Scientology and that she met with Tom Cruise’s mentor. It turns out that the reason for her Scientology stint was because of her then boyfriend, now Vanderpump Rules co-star, Jax Taylor. The two went on to work for Lisa Vanderpump. According to Radar Online, Stassi’s advice in the book includes tips like to take an extra pair of panties on a date with you and it also features her experience with Tom Cruise’s alleged mentor.

Stassi explains, “My closest run-in with an actual cult was Jax Taylor’s fault.” Apparently Stassi was only 22 and had just moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career and Jax was working as a model when he told her he filmed a commercial for Scientology. Stassi said Jax told her, “I talked to them about you, and they want us to come in and consider Scientology.” She said she was “hysterical with laughter.”

Stassi wrote, “I was like, ‘Dude, are we talking about the science fiction, L. Ron Hubbard, alien movie, Tom-Cruise-couch-jumping religion?’ He said yes. Jax was never the sharpest tool in the shed. I told him he was out of his freaking mind.” However; they did check it out. She said, “When we went to the Scientology center we met with Tom Cruise’s mentor. The guy threw out Tom Cruise’s name like four hundred million times to make sure we knew who we were dealing with. After our weird-a** office visit, he walked us around the building and everyone we saw was in the happiest mood. It was…like a cult.”

She said it was bizarre and that there were red flags. However; Stassi and Jax continued on their journey briefly. She shared, “Then Tom Cruise’s mentor said Jax and I were going to be separated, and he took me into a room alone to watch a video that involved a kid eating a boiled egg and then witnessing a car accident.” After watching the video she said she was talked into joining the religion.

Stassi said, “Tom Cruise’s mentor convinced us to pay $100 (each!) for a textbook, and then took us to ‘class,’ which was a room full of people of all ages, all sitting silently with their $100 textbooks.” She claimed that she was forbidden from eating or drinking for “several hours” before a class, which was a problem for her because she would party with her friends. Stassi said the final straw was when a “creepy” teacher told Jax to “communicate with the aliens.” She said they left the church after that.

Stassi said she still has her text book and membership card though, because “it’s like a collector’s item.”

I’m so excited to read Stassi’s book when it comes out!!!

Thoughts on this all? Thoughts on this season of Vanderpump Rules? What do you want to see at the reunion? Will you read Stassi’s book when it comes out? Sound off below!

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