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Lisa Rinna Denies Leaking Story About Dorit Kemsley and Lucy Lucy Apple Juice; Plus Says She Believes Lisa Vanderpump Would Swear On Her Kids and Lie!

Lisa Rinna is shutting down rumors in a major way!

During Tuesday’s episode of the  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa revealed that Lisa Vanderpump was the one who gave her the 411 on how to leak stories to the media.

This lead certain fans to believe that Rinna was the one who leaked the story about Dorit Kemsley and Lucy Lucy Apply Juice to Radar Online.

In fact, some fans believe Rinna leaked the story in an effort to take down Vanderpump. AllAboutTRH’s creator Roxanne even believes it could be true and voice her opinion about it on Twitter after Tuesday’s episode.

The “evidence” behind this claim is that Radar Online publicly said that Vanderpump wasn’t their source. ROL, however, did claim that a Housewife was their source but wouldn’t name names.

Now, Rinna is denying these allegations on social media.

“Why would I implicate myself by saying that if I actually did it? Makes no sense at all,” Rinna tweeted following Tuesday’s episode of RHOBH.

Then on Instagram, she added, “I’d only leak a story if it was all about me. Duh.”

Lisa also took the opportunity to take some swipes at LVP.

When asked by a fan “Do you seriously believe someone would swear on the most important people in  their life and lie?”

“Yes,” Lisa replied.

As the Housewives keep saying we just have wait and see what happens. But I don’t the truth about who leaked the story will ever come out.

Meanwhile, Rinna also shared her thoughts on who is behind the ROL leak in her Bravo blog this week.

Inserting my two cents here. No one ever believes anything Radar prints but all of a sudden we are supposed to take their word at face value. Every time Radar is used as a source we get told of its ‘Radar of Lies how can you believe them?’ So for me, I can’t just blindly believe what they say this time around.

I will say I could see Vanderpump not being the ROL source but my gut tells me it came from someone in her camp. And perhaps it was done without her knowledge. But let’s just say LVP is behind the leak, does it make her a bad person? No, not at all. If she did leak the story, it’s because she was being extra petty during a rough time in her life, which is somewhat excusable. I do, however, NOT believe that Rinna is the source.

Also, I have to mention that I’m torn over who the real source is. I’m conflicted between the source being someone from Vanderpump Dogs, possibly LVP, or maybe one of the RHOBH producers. But the question is would they do that? It would be in their best interest to create drama and leaking a story would do so but it seems like such an extreme way of manipulating the drama. I had to get that theory off my chest. Just some food for thought.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Thoughts on Rinna’s comments? Do you think Rinna is behind the leak? Sound off below!

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