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Brandi Glanville Says Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd “Lost Their Minds” During Fight With Kyle Richards On RHOBH!

Brandi Glanville, alum of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, watched the big fight between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards on the last episode. Brandi was appalled by the fight scene on the RHOBH. In fact, she said that Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd “lost their minds” during it. She took to Twitter after the episode aired and tweeted, “All I have to say is both Lvp & Ken lost their f***ing minds tonight physically getting in Kyles face !!! I wound have been swinging #not ok #disgusting.”

The fight has caused Lisa and Kyle to have a fallout. They still have not spoken since that day. The storyline all season so far has revolved around puppy gate and many of the castmates feel that Lisa had sold a story about Dorit Kemsley to Radar Online. Kyle didn’t want to believe it, but she thought her friend Lisa was guilty. Kyle said this is why she went to Lisa’s house, because she wanted to give Lisa a chance to explain herself. Lisa denied selling any stories and was offended that her friend would believe this. LVP even swore on her children’s lives that she didn’t sell stories to the tabloids. Lisa felt like Kyle was calling her a liar, and she was deeply hurt that her good friend would not believe her – especially when she swore on her children’s lives. Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, became very upset and kicked Kyle out of their house.

According to Hollywood Life the fight was even scarier in person. Their sources said, “All of the other wives came to Kyle’s defense quickly and have reminded her of this incident as she’s pondered reaching out to Lisa. Kyle always has a soft spot in her heart for Lisa and is a very forgiving person, but the other ladies feel this incident took things way too far and have no interest in forgiving her.”

Check out Brandi’s tweet:

Brandi is set to make a cameo this season, and appear as a friend of the wives. She may return as a full-time housewife next season. Brandi is coming to Kyle’s defense right now and sources have been reporting that they are becoming very friendly. This has let to speculation that Brandi will be returning to the cast soon!

WOAH is all I can say about this entire situation! I’m looking forward to the RHOBH reunion, when all of the ladies can explain their sides of the stories. I truly hope that Lisa and Kyle can repair their friendship. This is all sad to watch. I would enjoy Brandi returning to the RHOBH full-time. I’m excited for the rest of this season to play out!

Thoughts on what Brandi had to say? Thoughts on the big fight scene? Will Lisa and Kyle repair their friendship? Will Brandi return to the show full-time? Sound off below!

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