RHONY Recap: Shark Bait

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Whose ready for a break from Puppygate? If you raised your hand, you’re in luck as we are back to New York my friends. The good news is that there will be no Dorit dog drama – the bad part? Well, we’re still discussing dogs.

Tinsley and the ladies will be participating in a dog show; however dogs are the least of Tins’ worries. Tinsley still has Dale breathing down her next to get married and have children and on top of that she has TMJ due to stress from being (still) single in the city. Lucky for Dale and Tinsley a little Botox fixes everything other than bringing an engagement ring.

Across town Bethenny is already back in the dating scene and dating a Boston man; however is still grieving Dennis. It’s an odd dichotomy, dating while grieving an ex-fiance; however (fortunately) I have never been in this situation so what do I know? Bethenny hires a grief counselor to help guide her through the grieving process and it’s so personal that I find it uncomfortable that she is doing this on camera. Doesn’t this seem like something that would be discussed in private? From the session, we learn that Bethenny had tried to break up with Dennis; however guilt made her stay. Bethenny reveals that she feels guilty that the only reason she got out of the relationship was because Dennis passed away and it was a heavy weight to bear. Like I said, it’s heavy stuff and I feel should have been dealt with off camera.

Doing a complete 180, we go to happy go lucky Tinsley and her cute doggie event. Lucky for Tinsley’s dog Bambi, Tins decided Bambi was a keeper and she inspired her to get involved with animals charities (perhaps Dorit could take a note from Tinsley’s book.) The rest of the ladies come to support the event and discuss their upcoming Berkshire trip (naked chef and all.) The dog show is cute and it’s not only a great cause for the pups but also gives Ramona a second shot at the runway (as we all know her first attempt was a bust.)

After the show, the ladies decide to go for a casual lunch on a yacht (because why not?) The ladies are excited for the upcoming Berkshire trip; however are more excited to see this naked chef (which has Ramona salivating.) While discussing men, Tinsley’s boyfriend Scott comes up and poor Tinsley gets grilled by her elders. The ladies don’t understand why at 43 Tinsley isn’t pressuring Scott to make a commitment (especially since she still wants children) and to be truthful I have to agree. Tinsley is no spring chicken and if she wants the kids, husband and picket fence she needs to put some pressure on Scott if that’s what she wants. Sometimes I just want to shake Tinsley and tell her to speak up for herself. We believe in you Tins!

Over at Blue Stone Manor, if you thought the fights you saw at Christmas were scary – just get ready for Dorinda’s Halloween. I love Halloween and am digging Dorinda’s holiday decor (especially the goblin that looks like Bethenny crying – best line of the season so far Ramona!) As a bonus, we get to meet Dorinda’s sister Melinda and from what I’ve seen we need more Melinda on the show. Anyone who is game enough to dress up as Santa for this crazy bunch is A- OK in my book.

The ladies arrive and are loving the decorations but are concerned with who is going to end up in that infamous ‘fish room.’ Ramona has some great zingers this episode as she confesses in her talking head that no one wants to sleep with the fish and staying that room is considered punishment. I would have to agree and unfortunately for Luann she is the one who has been misbehaving. The ladies meet for dinner and Luann is taking advantage of Dorinda trying to appease her by requesting a yoga instructor, a new room and a masseuse. Apparently Lu thinks that Blue Stone Manor is a Sandals all inclusive resort and that Dorinda is her personal butler. Dorinda seems to be taking the high road and is accommodating to her guest as her main concern is salvaging her friendship with Lu.

When Dorinda returns to the table, she walks into a storm as while the ladies think Luann sleeping with the fishes is funny apparently Luann thinks it’s equivalent to sleeping in an outhouse. Luann totally overreacts and storms off while insulting her hostess as Dorinda correctly points out there are no bad rooms in her home. I feel for Dorinda as she has attempted to be a lovely hostess and “did it nice” however Luann is coming off as an ungrateful brat. I guess Luann said it best – money can’t buy you class!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Do you think sleeping in the fish room is as bad as Luann is making it out to be?

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