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Dorit Kemsley Hints That Bravo Gives Lisa Vanderpump Special Treatment; Plus Says She Has No Problem Going Head to Head With LVP At the Season 9 Reunion!

Dorit Kemsley dropped by E!’s Daily Pop today to chat about everything Real Housewives of Beverly Hills including Lisa Vanderpump, PuppyGate, and the upcoming season 9 reunion!

Daily Pop hosts Justin Sylvester and Morgan Stewart kicked off the interview by talking about PuppyGate!

“Did you ever think PuppyGate would be this BIG of an issue?” Justin asked Dorit

“God no, it was never an issue,” Dorit said about PuppyGate, which started off as a minuscule issue that quickly overtook season 9.

When asked how she thinks the tabloids got hold of the story Dorit said, “I think certain people are crafty and they get whatever message they want out there.”

Dorit adds that fans “have to watch” to see how the drama unfolds.

As for who those “certain people” are Dorit hints “You have to look at the article and see who it benefits. And then you know, put two and two together and say, ‘Well who could it be? I dunno.'”

Justin then asked if Dorit immediately knew Lisa Vanderpump was behind the story leaking to the media.

“I did,” Dorit confessed. “That was my initial instinct because there were things in that article that only her or her team knew. Like the dog was re-homed, the dog was a chihuahua mix I mean these are things that only a handful of us knew – me, and her team, and the staff. Who else is going to do it?”

It’s no secret that Puppygate has taken a major toll on Dorit and Vanderpump’s friendship. The only close friends are not speaking and the future of the friendship remains up in the air.

“It feels like you’re stabbed in the heart ten times,” Dorit said of Vanderpump’s betrayal.

Dorit admits that she would be hurt if ANY of her co-stars betrayed her however Dorit says that it hurts even more because it was her good friend LVP.

“It always going to hurt. This doesn’t feel good regardless but I think when it’s a friend there’s an added layer of the sensitivity of course. You’re just taken aback. You think oh my goodness besides the fact that this hurts now my friend is at stake,” Dorit explained.

Morgan then asked the question on every fan’s mind: Can Dorit and LVP “ever get over this?”

Surprisingly, Dorit says yes.

“I’m a big believer you can get over anything as long as there are two people who want to,” Dorit reveals.

“You have to watch. There are some moments where we try and you’ll see how that turns out,” Dorit continues.

Speaking of wait and see, Morgan and Justin also asked Dorit about the upcoming season 9 reunion and if she thinks LVP will show.

“She’s going to show up if she wants to. She’ll want to have an element of surprise I’m sure,” Dorit said.

Dorit continued, “I have no issues about being face to face. In fact, the truth is the truth. For me, it’s very easy. It’s a whole host of lies that have been peddled and put out there. I got receipts and I know the facts and I’ve got nothing to hide. So I’m free and clear happy to be sitting at the reunion. But you know other people that don’t may have a different feeling.”

To wrap up the RHOBH portion of the interview, Justin asks if Dorit thinks Bravo favors LVP and gives her special treatment.

At first, Dorit is a little gunshy about answering and simply sits there awkwardly smiling but then speaks her mind.

“So what do you think?” Dorit coyly replies. “Let’s just think about it, if it was anybody else doing some of the things, you know, would they get off that easy? I don’t know.”

Dorit also revealed that if LVP does return for season 10 that she will continue to film with her no matter what.

“I’m a professional, okay. I’m a professional,” Dorit stated with a smile.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.
Check out Dorit’s full interview below!

Thoughts on Dorit’s interview? Do you think LVP and Dorit can mend their friendship? Sound off below!

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