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Heather Dubrow Proves 50 is Fabulous by Going Makeup Free – Plus Reflects on her Time as a ‘Real Housewife!’

Former RHOC Heather Dubrow is known for her class, wit and of course her riches. Despite being a natural fit for the show, Heather decided to step away in 2016 moving to a more private life to focus on her family. Recently turning 50, Heather is now reflecting on her life, which includes the housewives years and proving she has nothing to hide by going makeup free.

In an interview with ET Heather opens up about how ‘housewives’ affected her image vs. who she really is:

“I think the biggest misconception of me is that I have a stick up my a**. I think that especially when I started Housewives, I was so scared of how I was going to come off. I was really closed off and buttoned up and it’s just really not me. I’m a much looser person and I like to have fun and I’m not judgmental.”

Despite some initial misconceptions, there was nothing fake about her on-screen fight with husband Terry, which nearly caused the two to quit the show:

“I think it was on our third season, we were fighting. I mean, we were just fighting a lot and it wasn’t like us. It was the show and so it came to a head and I said to him, ‘We have a choice, this is not good for our marriage, so either I’m quitting this show and we are done or we have to figure out how to do this show appropriately, honestly and together’ because I think for him it was kind of a joke.”

As for any regrets? Well she naturally has a few including:

“things that I said. I regret things that I did, but isn’t that just true of life in general? I think it’s what you take away from it in how you do better in your life, if you become a better person and learn from it and I feel I’ve been doing that or been trying to do my best to become a more self-actualized person and learn from those missteps and those mistakes that we all make.”

Regarding her monumental birthday (turning the big 5-0) Heather has no shame in the number, despite living in one of the most image and youth obsessed cities in the country. Per Heather:

“I think a lot of people think 50 is a death sentence, especially for women in Hollywood. I don’t think of it that way. I think that everything that has happened in these past 50 years has been such big life lessons and I think of 50 as my halftime show,” she shares. “So what I’ve learned I can take and use for my second half, but now I have more confidence. I have a little bit of the ‘what do I have to lose?’ and I’m excited about it.”

To watch the entire interview (and see Heather go makeup free) checkout ET’s segment by clicking here..

Heather has always been great to us and seems as fab as her lifestyle. Here’s hoping that 50 is her best year yet!

Thoughts on the interview? Were you shocked to see her go makeup free?

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