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Katie Rost Opens Up About Her Dark Custody Battle, Suffering A Miscarriage, And Supporting The #MeToo Movement!

Katie Rost is set to return as a friend for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Katie has been dealing with many serious situations since her time on the RHOP. Katie has recently been opening up about her dark custody battle for her three children, the physical and verbal abuse from her ex-husband, and recently suffering a miscarriage. She will likely open up about some of the situations she’s dealing with in her personal life during season four. She has been supporting the #MeToo movement and revealing her own experiences with abuse. Katie claims that her ex-husband is the reason that she didn’t return to the show full-time again after season one, but she is coming back now!

Katie recently suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with her fourth child. She had shared a photo on Instagram on Valentine’s Day, of a naked woman lying on a bathroom floor with blood under her. Katie was pregnant at the time with her fourth child, and revealed that it was her and that she had suffered a miscarriage. Katie told Page Six, “I took it down, but not before the internet went wild.”

Katie’s boyfriend Jacob had taken the photo and posted it after learning she suffered a miscarriage with his child. On top of the heartbreaking news, Katie has been dealing with a complicated custody battle with her ex-husband, Dr. James Orsini. Katie explained, “I began to bleed profusely while I listened to Judge Mecca deny me my request to be reunited with my children. Distraught and afraid, I got into the shower and laid down to cleanse my body. The baby aborted and I was in intense pain.”

They share three children together: a son, James Rocco, and twin daughters, Renee and Kathryn. They had married in 2012 and divorced in 2016. Katie is seeking primary custody of their three children. Katie lives in Maryland and her ex-husband lives in New Jersey with the kids and his wife. Katie alleged in court documents that he is manipulating the court system and said that he is “politically connected.” His attorney Alex Pastore denied it and stated, “There has never been one ounce of evidence provided in any of Ms. Rost’s pleading which would collaborate any such accusation. The record in this matter is clear that upon any ruling in which Ms. Rost is not satisfied, she, in turn, files applications to have experts and judges removed from her matter claiming bias or collusion. To our knowledge, the administrative director did not find any merit to the complaints.”

On top of it all, Katie stated in court papers that they have a history of physical and verbal abuse. She said that it dates back seven years. His legal team claims that any allegations of abuse have been dismissed in court. Her ex-husband denied abusing his ex-wife, but Page Six obtained text messages from April of last year where he called her a “nasty, evil person” and “too selfish to have kids.”

In an email from 2012, his mother Marie Orsini discussed his drinking. She emailed Katie, “He certainly has a chemical imbalance to alcohol, he becomes a different person, and continues to say the same things.” She added, she hopes her son “looks into himself and takes responsibility for his actions.” Katie said that one of the first times she saw his temper was the night before their wedding in 2011. She said, “The groom got s–t-faced drunk and made a series of calls to me and my mother saying he didn’t give a f–k about me, and was not going through with the marriage.” The wedding went on as scheduled, however; Katie said he began abusing her before her son’s birth. She later told the police that he had assaulted her. She explained, “He’d stage it as though ‘we’ were having a fight that would involve him insulting me. When James became aggressive, I retreated into a shell much like that I used to support me when I had a panic attack. When he was particularly nasty, I would ball up into a knot in the bed or on the sofa.”

James emailed a statement to Page Six: “Katie Rost has begun a one-sided smear campaign against me through social media. She has made horrendous false allegations regarding our past relationship and her accessibility to the children. I have continued to abide by court orders set in place. I would love nothing more than to have the truth revealed; yet would actually prefer the lives of my children, my wife, my stepdaughter and myself to remain private.”

After their son was born in 2012, they had an altercation inside their car. In December 2018, she posted a YouTube video that is said to be from that day. YouTube removed the video in March. Katie said, “James was so angry with me for what seemed like no reason. He yelled and screamed until the baby began to cry in the back seat.” She said he eventually pulled over, but when she tried to leave he ran after her.

In September of 2012, Katie had a temporary restraining order and made allegations of physical and sexual abuse to the police. He denied any allegations of abuse. However; Katie said, “He pulled me back to the car. I got in, locked the doors, started the car and went home. That night, he entered our apartment and sodomized me. He strangled me and punched my body and kicked me out of the apartment.” She told Page Six that after she called the police, his father James Orsini Sr. asked her to drop the charges and promised to provide her counsel for a hearing with the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency. Katie said they were ordered to attend marriage counseling and he was monitored for alcohol and drug abuse. Katie said, “I thought James had turned a tide” and they became pregnant with the twins. Katie said that while she was pregnant in February of 2013, the abuse continued and only got worse. She said, “James Orsini kicked and beat me while I was four months pregnant with my twins. That’s why I left New Jersey. That’s why my girls were born in Maryland.”


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… The you tube video is his voice calling me a “cunt” and a “bitch” and “stupid” and telling me to “drop the babies off,” while he was drunk and driving. The incident culminated in his sexual assault of me, which is in the record. I have asked you and every judge in New Jersey for the access to my children granted in our MSA. I have a right to parent my children and any change usually requires proof of a substantial change in circumstance before a trier of fact with each side giving testimony and evidence of what is in the best interest of the children. No hearing has yet occurred and according to you is “moot.” That is an unusual use of the word. When I read N.J.S.A 9:2-4 ( c ) there are mandatory factors the courts must weigh. You didn’t weigh anything. You substituted your judgement for the contract and accepted the lies and perjury of my abusive narcissistic ex husband that I abandoned my children. You decided that my rights didn’t matter only his. Your opinion doesn’t say one thing about the best interest of the children. I have an agreement that gives me joint legal and physical custody and he visitation every other Thursday through Sunday. That parenting agreement became superseded by his agreement with me and Bravo and by our Google calendar executed in 2016 that covered the period I was working for Real Housewives of Potomac and my relocation to Maryland/Virginia. I have an agreement that said that he was to pay me child support of 475.00 every two weeks until he or I made more money and that we would share our income tax returns to determine that. I had an agreement that said that no discovery was available after the parties signed and presented their agreement to the court for enforcement. I have an agreement that says that if one or the other violates the agreement the other gets the time lost back. I have lost 6 months time from my children. Judge Zinna knows there is an agreement and he knew about the Bravo agreement and the fact the kids lived in Maryland with me for three years leading up to James kidnapping. He has put the MSA in the front of every motion to every New Jersey Judge who I asked to enforce my agreement

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Damon Kelly, a friend of Katie and James, who lived in a nearby town, told Page Six he remembers his wife getting a phone call from Katie after this all happened. He explained, “Katie called my wife crying from a hotel the next town over. My wife went to be with her, and then my wife called her mother, and told her mother to come to New Jersey right away to see about her daughter.” The often hung out with Katie and James and didn’t notice any signs at first. He said, “Katie did a good job of hiding and protecting this guy, because if I would have known what was really going on, I would not have beat him up, but grabbed him and said, ‘What the hell is going on?'”

He did admit that their relationship didn’t seem totally normal, though. James is a practicing oncologist in Essex County in New Jersey, as is his father. Damon said that James would frequently give Katie Medication. He said, “Toward the end, he was giving her all of these drugs. She said she has anxiety, so I don’t know what drugs they were — if they were Xanax or whatever they were. They could’ve been Xanax. They could’ve been something else.” He said he heard Katie ask James what he was giving her, but that he “blew it off.” Damon said, “She trusted in him to give her the medication. But 20-20 hindsight, he was drugging her up to kind of keep control of her.” James told Katie’s mother, Rynthia Rost, that Katie suffered from attention deficit disorder and that he needed to prescribe her Adderall. Katie’s mom said, “She ought to file a suit against him for attempted murder, but I was just trying to get her away from them, away from these people. These are horrible, horrible people. I have evidence of him drugging my daughter. I have evidence of his bad behavior, and we also have other people who have evidence of it.”

According to Page Six and patient history reports, James prescribed his then-wife several types of medications from 2010 to 2013, including alprazolam to treat anxiety and panic disorder, and methylphenidate (also known as Ritalin) used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. When Katie left James and moved back to Maryland with her mom, Damon and his wife kept in touch with Katie and believe her allegations. He said, “My wife and I were overwhelmed because we didn’t know everything going on, but for her to lay everything out, and start showing papers and receipts, these tapes, court documents, and police reports? That’s why I have no doubt believing her.”

Katie shared these allegations on social media and his attorneys filed a complaint that Katie was in violation of their agreement not to disparage each other online. Katie claims that her ex-husband is the reason she didn’t return to the show for season two as a full-time cast member. She said a judge “sent a letter to NBC Universal attempting to get them to fire me” so that she would not “disparage” her ex-husband. She said James and his lawyers caused her to lose a $115,000 contract with NBCUniversal and now it’s a struggle to pay her legal bills.

Production sources told Page Six, “A judge never sent any letter to NBC. The attorney sent a letter just making sure that our legal team knew what was in their agreement.” They also added that the money Katie stated was “a bit inflated.” Katie’s mother said, “The producer wanted her to provide some information, and Katie wasn’t willing to do it. I believe that Gizelle [Bryant] had said some things, and they wanted her to talk about them. At some point she stopped filming for the second season, because James had taken the kids. They didn’t like that she wasn’t sharing enough of what was going on in her life.”

Katie said that she has not seen her children in almost ten months. Back in June a judge ruled that Katie would only be allowed supervised visitation, pending a mental health evaluation. This order was because Katie missed a scheduled court date. Katie said, “Her clerk told me I wouldn’t need to come to court if we had an agreement in writing. I had just gotten to Virginia with the children. School had let out on the 21st of June. I didn’t think it was reasonable for her to require me to drive with them all the way back if it wasn’t necessary.”

James’ attorney said, “The record is clear on this issue. Katie was only to be permitted supervised parenting time until she was evaluated by Dr. LaCouture in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Ms. Rost failed to schedule her appointment with Dr. LaCouture. Dr. LaCouture advised the court that Ms. Rost has not made herself available for the court-ordered evaluation.” Katie has attempted to see her children on a couple of different occasions. In November, Katie sent James a text message asking him not to ignore her requests to set up times and dates that can facilitate her parenting time. Back in December, Katie sent an email to their parenting coordinator, that claimed that her ex-husband had kept her from getting in contact with her kids. His legal team said that she didn’t attempt to see them through “the appropriate channels.”

Katie claims the court is conspiring against her and uses tactics “to hide their corruption and frustrate the efforts of an outsider who fights for civil and parental rights.” The custody battle is ongoing. Katie is set to appear on the upcoming season of the RHOP that begins in May.

Wow! This is truly heartbreaking. I’m shocked by all of this. I’m hoping for the best for Katie and her children during these difficult times. I look forward to Katie returning to the RHOP!

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