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Lisa Vanderpump Says She Isn’t Sure If She’ll Attend RHOBH Reunion: “That’s So Far Away”

Lisa Vanderpump isn’t sure yet if she’ll attend the upcoming reunion taping of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa told Us Weekly, “I don’t know yet because that’s so far away.” Lisa is currently not speaking to her RHOBH co-stars. The season is still playing out and LVP has time to think about it. As for the upcoming reunion, she said, “I don’t know how the audience would react, so I really don’t know. It’s so far in advance.”

She’s busy with her Vanderpump Dogs foundation and running her restaurants. LVP has the hit spinoff show, Vanderpump Rules, and there are reports that she could be getting another spinoff show that would focus on her rescue center. Lisa is also in the process of opening up Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas. There are many factors that Lisa is thinking about when it comes to her decision about attending the reunion or not. She admitted she “can’t really deal with the minutia.” 

Lisa added, “Between the dog rescue center, we’ve opened a sanctuary in China [where] we’ve just taken 300 dogs out of the cages they’ve been in for three years not being able to move and I opened a sanctuary there, so I choose to focus on that. We’ve opened TomTom, which has been a lot of work and I’m opening in Vegas next week, so again, my life is kind of full.”

Many people have been speculating that Lisa won’t show up for the reunion. Sources told Us Weekly, “Production and the other Housewives don’t believe she will show up for the reunion because she can’t face the truth and the other Housewives.” They added that Lisa “won’t get paid” if she skips the reunion. However; they said, “That might be something she’s willing to sacrifice to avoid facing the music.”

I hope that Lisa does decide to go to the reunion, and I hope she stays on the RHOBH! I can’t picture Beverly Hills without Lisa Vanderpump. I’m looking forward to the rest of this season.

Do you think Lisa will attend the RHOBH reunion? Thoughts on this season so far? Do you think she will return next season? Sound off below!

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