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Kyle Richards Claps Back At Claims the RHOBH Planned To Takedown Lisa Vanderpump; Plus Kyle Denies Knowing More About PuppyGate Than She Let On

Since the PuppyGate drama became public news back in September of 2018 we’ve heard many different version of events.

When the news first broke, sources claimed that Dorit Kemsley dropped her adopted Vanderpump Dogs puppy, Lucy, off at a shelter. The report also claimed that Lisa Vanderpump was furious with Dorit.

This report came to light weeks after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills initially learned about Dorit’s doggy drama while filming season 9.

In what would later become the season 9 premiere episode, Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp first learn about Lucy ending up at a shelter while visiting Lisa Vanderpump at Vanderpump Dogs.

During that scene, Teddi owned up to already knowing about Dorit’s doggy drama prior to arriving.  However, Kyle acted as if she was hearing about Lucy for the first time.

Now, a new clip of that scene has emerged on Twitter thanks to Bravo Psychology and it’s making many question how much Kyle new about Puppygate before arriving at Vanderpump Dogs.

In the clip, Kyle calls out LVP for always protecting Dorit but not doing the same for her.

“You can do this with me and be a b–ch to me about it, yeah you were in texts, but Dorit can drop off a dog, and you’re like she didn’t mean it. I’m not going to f–king do this with you again. I’m really not,” Kyle can be heard saying.

This has Vanderpump fans up in arms because from what fans saw in episode 1, no one mentions Lucy being dropped off anywhere. And the story that’s been told on RHOBH, so far, was that Dorit’s friend is the one who dropped Lucy off at a shelter.

In fact, many Vanderpump fans now believe that Kyle must have known something about Puppygate before filming this scene at Vanderpump Dogs. At the time the only people who supposedly knew that the shelter claimed Dorit dropped Lucy off were Teddi, LVP, and the Vanderpump Dogs staff.

A fan then tweeted said clip to Kyle and she denied the insinuation that she knew anything about Lucy before walking into Vanderpump Dogs that day.

“If you saw the episode you SAW them tell me right before I said that,” Kyle tweeted.

After rewatching the whole Vanderpump Dogs scene – no one does mention Dorit dropping Lucy anywhere but it should be noted we are watching an edited episode. That part of the conversation could have been cut out so that LVP and Teddi could explain what went down in their confessionals. There’s no proof that Teddi, LVP, or the Johns didn’t mention Dorit dropping the dog off. And it should also be noted that Dorit had previously returned a dog to Vanderpump Dogs so perhaps that’s what Kyle was referring to.

Meanwhile, the same Twitter account Bravo Psychology also threw out another explanation as to why Kyle mentioned: “Dorit can drop off a dog.”

It’s a pretty crazy scenario that seems way too far-fetched if you ask me.

Said theory caught Andy Cohen’s attention today and he couldn’t help but give his two cents.

“This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever read,” Andy tweeted.

Kyle then retweeted Andy’s response and fan who asked: “Can we let this die now or are y’all still all in??”

Meanwhile, Kyle also denied the RHOBH ever had a meeting to discuss taking down LVP.

“There was never a takedown meeting. Ever. Stupidest rumor yet,” Kyle tweeted.

I’m sure some RHOBH fans are still “all in” on these absurd theories but to each their own!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

Thoughts on Andy’s response? Do you believe Kyle knew more about PuppyGate than she let on? Are fan theories about PuppyGate getting out of control? Sound off below!

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