Albie & Chris Manzo React To Classic RHONJ Moments!

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Jersey in the house!

The Manzo family starred on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for the first five seasons. Caroline Manzo is one of the OG’s of the RHONJ. After she departed from the show, she had a spinoff series – Manzo’d With Children. The show lasted for three seasons and then wasn’t renewed for a fourth season. From time to time, the Manzo’s stop by Bravo to discuss what they’ve been up to. In some cases, to react to things that have happened on the show. Caroline’s sons, Albie and Chris Manzo, recently reacted to some classic RHONJ moments!

The table flip by Teresa Giudice during the finale of the first season of the RHONJ has become a classic moment. Chris said, “I remember being at Lu Nello and being like ‘Oh my God I can’t believe we’re all gonna get fired, Teresa just threw a table.’ I didn’t know it was going to be the opposite.”

Albie said that when the table actually flipped over, he was worried about all of the broken stuff on the ground. He said he grabbed Danielle’s arm and got close to her because he thought she was going to pick up the broken stuff on the ground and start ripping into people. Albie said, “When that was over, we leave the restaurant. Teresa calls my mother and says, Teresa says to my mom, ‘Hey like you know so the table flipped over and everything, but did I do it classy? Was I classy about it?’ And I was in the back like ‘Oh my God.'”

Chris said he finds it funny that Teresa and Joe were embracing one another right after the table flip. He said, “You know what makes me laugh in this, Teresa and Joe like really embrace each other after this moment. She gives him a big kiss.” Albie added it was all “normal.”

The majority of the drama during season one of the RHONJ, was surrounding ‘the book’ written about Danielle Staub. Chris recalled, “I remember being in Aunt Dina’s house when they really discovered the book, before the producers got there. It was crazy. We were like holy shit, who is this lady?”

When Albie and Chris were shown a clip from a fight during the recent season of the RHONJ, Chris laughed and said, “things don’t change.” He said he didn’t watch when they were even on the show because fighting stresses him out. However; he said that he feels a sense of loyalty to the OG’s of the RHONJ. Chris explained, “It’s weird that I feel a sense of loyalty to the people that I typically didn’t like because they were mean to my mom, only because the other people, they’re new.”

Albie and Chris both agreed that they love Dolores. They said who she is on the show is really who she is!

Watch this video to see their reactions to some iconic moments:

The ham game and Caroline shaving her face to exfoliate are also things that people remember the most about the Manzo clan. Albie and Chris also opened up about the backstory of those moments. Watch below to hear what they had to say:

Ahhh I love these classic RHONJ moments! I love the OG’s of the RHONJ. This was a fun walk down memory lane. I miss the earlier seasons. I’m all for the original cast reuniting next season. This was funny to watch. LOL. I’ve met Albie and Chris before and they were both very nice.

What did you think of these clips? Thoughts on the earlier seasons? Do you want the OG’s to reunite? Thoughts about these classic RHONJ moments? Share below!

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