Nene Leakes Says Kandi Burruss And Cynthia Bailey Are Plotting To Get Kenya Moore Back On The RHOA!

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Hotlanta! The Real Housewives of Atlanta drama continues, with Nene Leakes saying that Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey are plotting to get Kenya Moore back on the show. Nene recently took to her live stories on social media to address all of the topics swirling in the press right now. Nene unfollowed the RHOA cast except for Shamari DeVoe and Marlo Hampton. Andy Cohen thought she unfollowed him on Instagram but not Twitter, however; she clarified that she didn’t unfollow Andy. She said they had never followed one another on Instagram. Nene said that the castmates are her “co-workers” not her friends. She was very upset at the RHOA reunion and feels like there is no loyalty. Nene also said that the other ladies are boring and have no storylines, which is why she feels like they gang up on her and make her look like the “villain.” She said she doesn’t mind though, because she added that her paychecks keep getting bigger the more they do that. Nene and the rest of the cast have been saying to stay tuned for the reunion to understand what has been going on. There have been rumors that Kenya is returning to the RHOA. Kenya was even at the recent baby shower for Porsha Williams, which was being filmed for Porsha’s baby spin-off special. Nene thinks that Cynthia and Kandi are plotting to have Kenya back on the show. There were casting rumors a few months back that Cynthia and Kandi were on the casting chopping block for next season, which is why some insiders are now saying that they want to get Kenya back on. It’s being reported that if Kenya comes back on the show, they’ll have a reason to remain in the cast. On Twitter someone said to Nene, “I think they’re plotting to get the dark and evil Kenya back. Watch your back and don’t burn bridges.” Nene gave it an “RT” and retweeted it and wrote back, “YES THEY ARE! They have an alliance with her! Just watch & u will c it? Nene NEVER lies.” Wow! I’m looking forward to the reunion to see what is going on. I’m all for Kenya returning to the show, she brings a lot of drama and entertainment. It would be fun to watch her now that she’s a mommy, because these milestones change the dynamics for her big time. I don’t know what is going on with Nene and the rest of the cast, I’m hoping we get answers at the reunion. I’d like to see them all return back next year, with the addition of Kenya and maybe another newbie. I want to see some good changes for the show!

Thoughts on this all? Do you think they’re plotting to have Kenya back on the show? Should Kenya return to the RHOA? What are you looking forward to at the reunion? Sound off below!

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The latest drama involves Nene Leakes accusing Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey of plotting to bring Kenya Moore back on the show. Nene expressed her frustration with the cast and claimed that they have no loyalty towards her.

There have been rumors suggesting that Kenya Moore might be returning to the show. She was even spotted at Porsha Williams’ baby shower, which was being filmed for Porsha’s spin-off special. Nene Leakes believes that Cynthia and Kandi are plotting to have Kenya back on the show.

 The reunion is anticipated to shed light on the ongoing drama and controversies among the cast members. Fans are eager to find out the truth behind Nene Leakes’ claims and see how the dynamics of the show may change with the potential return of Kenya Moore.

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