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Kyle Richards Accuses Lisa Vanderpump of Having John Blizzard Lie for Her; Admits She’s Been a Victim of Lisa’s Manipulation

Kyle Richards isn’t holding back when it comes to Lisa Vanderpump and her involvement in the doggy drama surrounding Dorit Kemsley’s adopted dog, Lucy.

In her latest Bravo blog, Kyle admits that she was “initially confused” about why LVP acted as if she wasn’t upset at Dorit for giving Lucy away.

“Remember, that day at Vanderpump Dogs, I was initially confused as to why Lisa V was not upset with Dorit about the dog,” Kyle confesses. “It seemed this information was given to Teddi and then me with the hopes of going after Dorit.”

However, Kyle quickly came to the conclusion that LVP, and Ken Todd, used their employee John Blizzard to push the story to Teddi Mellencamp then forced him to lie about it to cover their behinds.

While Kyle knows Teddi isn’t the mastermind behind #Puppygate, she does acknowledge that Teddi played a role in the entire fiasco.

“John said Lisa V wanted Teddi to have this info. Teddi thought it was weird but considering the story, she was told about Dorit and the dog, she went along with it. Teddi and Dorit were not in a good place, and nobody wants to hear about any animal not treated with anything less than compassion,” Kyle explains.

Adding, “I knew Teddi had some part in all of this because she told me everything after that day at Vanderpump Dogs. She also showed me ALL of the texts in her phone between her and John Blizzard.”

Kyle then questions why LVP would want a “twisted version” of the story to be out there knowing it would hurt her good friend Dorit.

“‘Why would Lisa want to do this to a friend?’ Why would she want a twisted version of what really happened out there to hurt someone she cares about? It didn’t sit well with me because it’s been a pattern with Lisa. I, too, have been on the receiving end of Lisa with an agenda. Like I said in the Bahamas, I care about Lisa but also know how she operates.”

In an effort to make herself look innocent, LVP exposed the text messages between John Blizzard and Teddi. But Kyle points out that LV failed to release the text messages that implicated herself in the plot to make Dorit look bad.

“Lisa V invites Dorit and me over to her house. We thought to clear the air,” Kyle explains. “When we get there Lisa has printed out the texts between Teddi and John Blizzard. What she doesn’t include are the parts of the text that implicate Lisa.”

Continuing, “I knew exactly what was in that conversation and was waiting for her to show it in its entirety. That didn’t happen.”

Kyle says that’s when a lightbulb went off about LVP’s ultimate plan explaining, “When I asked Lisa how she knew about Teddi knowing about the dog and why she texted Dorit, “Teddi knows,”  Lisa also couldn’t answer the question. “

While LVP claimed to be unaware of the conversations between her employee John and Teddi, Kyle says that’s highly unlikely since John handles all of Lisa’s Vanderpump Dogs events.

Kyle also implies that Ken and Lisa were putting on an act and giving their best Oscar-worthy performances.

“Ken and Lisa meet up in their backyard… Ken shows Lisa texts messages between Teddi and John Blizzard that Lisa supposedly hasn’t seen before (if you believe this then I have some stocks to unload on you too),” Kyle says. “Lisa doesn’t talk to John Blizzard because he’s “22 years old.” He is also in charge of all her Vanderpump Dog events. Makes no sense. But let’s roll with this. So Ken reached out to John Blizzard without Lisa knowing so he could get the texts between Teddi and John. Not all of the pages of course.”

Kyle also questions why John would claim LVP told him to tell Teddi about Dorit’s dog if she hadn’t really instructed him to do so.

“When John Blizzard arrives, Ken “scolds” him. Then Lisa talks to him, reiterating, “You’re much closer to Teddi.” John Blizard says, “I put words in your mouth that I shouldn’t have.” What would John B have to gain by saying that to Teddi? ZERO. He is clearly doing what his boss has told him to say. Which is understandable I suppose. He doesn’t want to lose his job,” Kyle reveals.

Kyle then adds that LVP and Ken went out of their way to hurt Dorit and PK, who are two of their very good friends.

“But we also cannot ignore a friend being disingenuous and going out of their way to hurt someone that they supposedly love,” Kyle points out.

To wrap, Kyle makes it clear that the entire cast cares about what happened to Lucy, especially since many of them are avid dog lovers.

“Another misconception is that nobody cares about the dog and only “what Lisa did to Dorit.” We ALL care about what happened to the dog. Not only do we know the dog was safe but the final version of what happened to Lucy put all our minds at ease as to how it was handled. Which also explained why Lisa was not upset with Dorit as she claimed,” Kyle wrapped.

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