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RHOBH Recap – Fifty Shades of Shade

Welcome back to the curious case of Lucy Lucy Apple Juice – oops, I mean RHOBH.

We start out this episode at The Agency with Kyle visiting her husband at work. Despite being relieved that her daughter is happy at college, now Kyle needs to worry about her show American Woman being picked up for a second season (spoiler alert – it’s not.)

Keeping on with the theme of free commercials, Dorit is doing a photo shoot for her bikini line, Beverly Beach by Dorit. Erika Jayne comes along for moral support and by moral support I mean, making sure Dorit sexes it up as much as possible by yelling “t*ts up” from the sideline. Can Erika Jayne come cheer me on like this at my work?

After the photo shoot, Dorit reveals the LLAJ drama to Erika who is stunned that Teddi’s story may be different than what was confessed to her in her chapel. Despite this, both ladies are upset that LVP hasn’t owned up to her part in the mess and will not be happy until she comes clean. Erika ends the scene by giving Dorit sage advice: ‘the only person that you can trust is yourself.’ Preach Erika – in this group of women you are 100% spot on!

Over at Villa Rosa, Denise brings her beautiful daughters to see Lisa’s miniature zoo. I love Lisa in this environment as it’s obvious she is happiest around children and animals. The scene is very sweet and I wish we had more like this one. Denise and LVP bond over their love for animals and the fact that they adopted their youngest child. I have a feeling these two may actually form a genuine friendship.

Across town, Rinna and Camille are meeting to discuss Camille’s upcoming 50th birthday party. Despite Rinna hating the number 50, Camille is ready to celebrate as she is thrilled to have made it this far after cancer and a public divorce. Loving Camille’s attitude  – we need more of her! Lisa Vanderpump comes up (because of course she does) as Camille has been the puppet of LVP in the past. Lucky for Vanderpump, Camille can’t stand Dorit so she’s team LVP in this instance.

Over at Denise’s, the poor girl is trying to plan a wedding in 10 days as apparently it’s the only day the couple has open. Luckily Denise has tons of money so it’s not out of the question. Rich people have the power to do anything so I’m sure not only will this wedding happen in a week but it will be gorgeous as well. The only thing Denise needs to worry about is getting a wedding dress that is not from

Back to the real tea: More LLAJ gossip (oh joy.) Teddi is meeting her therapist to once again confess her sins as the stress of being Vanderpump’s puppet is getting the best of her. Apparently Teddi was given more information that we didn’t hear about, including poor LLAJ being locked in a basement for a week. Apparently this is turning into a murder mystery instead of the fun show that we used to love. Teddi then breaks down in tears as this dog situation is eating her alive and I honestly think she is at a breaking point – luckily her therapist is on hand before she goes over the edge.

LVP and Kyle meet for drinks and prove that there is more to life than LLAJ as they have conversations that do not revolve around the dog. Denise and Aaron join them and the conversation then automatically turns to sex and we learn some interesting facts about Aaron’s anatomy. I’m thinking Denise and Aaron took a shot to loosen up before joining the ladies for lunch as all Denise can talk about was his penis. It’s a bit bizarre but left the ladies laughing so it’s all good!

Camille’s birthday party is upon us and Camille makes 50 look fabulous! I hope to have her figure and skin when I’m her age (then again, I don’t have her money – so probably not). Things turn awkward quickly as Dorit has a chip on her shoulder due to Teddi’s incriminating texts that were revealed. Teddi is having an internal anxiety attack as she talks to Dorit as Dorit is not having this and her face shows it. Teddi insists that nothing would have happened without LVP’s orders; however admits she was in on the scam. LVP and Kyle arrive to a not so friendly welcome as the entire group (minus Camille and Denise) circle up. LVP knows something is up and joins the group; however instantly goes after Teddi which ends with LVP getting caught in her web. This scene is not a great look for LVP as she admits she texted ‘Teddi knows’ but said she had no idea that Teddi knew. Dorit is spot on when she says this is no longer about the dog but about dissolving friendships. I think Erika is spot on as I wouldn’t trust any one of these women!

Yikes – this whole season is a mess. Next week we have a wedding and a surprising twist so stay tuned my loves!

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