RHOBH: Erika Girardi Opens Up About New Season And Reveals Her Dream Cast!

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Erika Girardi AKA Erika Jayne is opening up about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She recently dished on RHOBH, her dream cast, her fears and shared some words of wisdom. This season has been a roller coaster, with ‘puppy-gate’ and drama. It’s a mystery right now as to who will even return for next season. Erika is keeping it real and recently shared a lot about the RHOBH, life, and makeup in an interview with E! News.

For starters Erika told E! News that RHOBH newbie, Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers is her “favorite porn.” In fact, Erika doesn’t think that porn is a big deal “as long as you’re a consenting adult.” Erika explained, “I think I’m at a place where I’m comfortable enough in my own skin, so I don’t mind saying how I feel about certain things or what I do. Just like, I watch porn.”

As for her career as a performer as Erika Jayne, she endured a lot in the process. “When I restarted as Erika Jayne in my mid-30’s everyone told me, ‘This is ridiculous. You’ll never go anywhere, it will never happen.’ I wasn’t swayed by any of that. That’s what I love to do. I love to create and I love to perform, and I wasn’t going to have someone take that away from me. I wasn’t going to listen to what everyone else had to say about what I was doing with my life, and I don’t think anyone else should either,” she said. Erika doesn’t think that people should let anyone sway their decisions when it comes to their dreams and goals! She gave the advice: “Don’t let anyone else tell you when your time is up or what’s best for you, you make that. And if you live by what other people want you to do with your life, you will be miserable, I can guarantee you that.”

Erika explained, “I’ve always been this way since I was a little kid. This is how I speak, this is how I talk, this is what I do.” Erika Jayne recently partnered with the makeup brand, Too Faced, and she said their makeup makes her “feel fearless.” Yas, girl! She said, “It’s like putting on your armor in a way. Every day I wake up and try to conquer those fears.”

What is her biggest fear? Death. She explained, “I don’t care when I die. I really don’t, I have had a great life. I’m not scared of my death. I’m scared of losing others.”

Do the Real Housewives discuss beforehand what is off limits? No! However; she said that as they discuss things on camera people say what not to talk about then and there. She said you can tell what people don’t want to discuss based on their reactions and their very own words. Do any of the wives scare her? Nope!

So who would her dream cast be? Erika said she would love for Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton to be on the RHOBH. She said they would be the Tom Brady’s of Real Housewives. I agree!

You can watch the full interview below:

You gotta love Erika! I thought this was a fun interview. I’m looking forward to seeing everything play out on the RHOBH and I’m really looking forward to the reunion. I’m all for Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton joining the show, too. They are all friends so that would be interesting. I definitely will try Erika Jayne’s Too Faced collaboration when it comes out. I love Erika, I met her once and she was super sweet.

Thoughts on everything Erika had to say? Do you want Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton to join the show? Are you going to try her makeup collaboration? Share below!

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