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Heather Dubrow Fires Back At Fans For Criticizing Her Daughter Coco’s Decision To Wear A Suit

Heather Dubrow isn’t having it when it comes to comments about her youngest daughter Coco Dubrow.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star recently posted a photo of her and her daughters Coco and Kat Dubrow. The trio were all dressed up for a Mother/Daughter luncheon.

“So proud to be with Kat & Coco at the Mother/Daughter luncheon! Here are some pics with our besties big and small! Amazing job @ncljrsnb and an incredible cause! #highhopes #charity,” Heather captioned the set of photos.

However, some of Heather’s Instagram followers didn’t understand why Coco was dressed in a cool lavender tux with a pink bowtie and Vans instead of a dress and heels like her Mom and sister.

Fans quickly began questioning Coco’s outfit choice and her sexuality. For the record, Coco is 9 and seems to enjoy dressing in tomboy style, which is pretty normal for many children.

While Heather did not feed the trolls by responding to their baited comments on Instagram, she did address them on her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World.

“First of all, um, why do you care? Who’s talking about a child on social media like that”, Heather questioned. As for those unsettling remarks, Heather calls them “incredibly unenlightened”.

Heather is also making it clear that she isn’t here for people shaming her child or making assumptions about her 9-year-olds sexuality.

“I love [the suit] and I have news for you. I don’t care if [Coco] likes girls, boys, both, none.” Heather continued, “I don’t care who or what she likes as long as she’s a good, functioning, happy, independent, amazing, human being. That is all I care about. And she loved her suit so much.”

Thankfully, not all the comments about Coco’s ensemble were negative. Heather acknowledged the support for Coco’s outfit since she picked it out herself.

“Still, not all of the feedback on Coco’s look was negative. ‘A lot of people wrote a comment that I love, which was saying clothing doesn’t have gender, it’s just clothing’,” Heather admitted.

I think Coco looks completely adorable! She’s a kid let her dress how she wants to. I love how Heather handled this situation.

Thoughts on the comments about Coco? How would you address someone who shamed how your kid dresses? Did Heather handle the situation the right way? Should criticizing children be off limits?

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