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RHOBH Sneak Peek – Teddi Mellencamp Confesses her Sins to Erika Girardi!

Bad news for Beverly Hills fans that are sick of the #puppygate story line – it’s not anywhere any time soon!

In a preview for tonight’s episode provided by ET, we see Teddi going to Sister Erika Jayne’s chapel to atone for her sins.

In the clip, Erika asks Teddi to clear the air about Lucy and Teddi admits that she willingly participated in outing Dorit. Despite admitting her part, Teddi still insists that LVP was the mastermind behind the plan and that she didn’t orchestrate this on her own. Erika has no doubt that LVP was involved in some capacity; however seems disappointed that Teddi hands aren’t clean in this mess. Watch the clip in the video below and see for yourself:

I respect the fact that Teddi admits she was a willing participate in the setup; however I can’t decide if she came clean due to her conscience or came clean because she got caught. The ladies of RHOBH insist that there is more to the story and that we all need to ‘keep watching’ so I suppose we will have to do just that before making a final judgement. On a side note – how many ‘Hail Mary’s’ do you think Erika assigned to Teddi as a result of her confession?

Thoughts on the clip? Do you think Teddi is ‘owning it’ or is she just confessing because she got caught?

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