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The Real Housewives of New Jersey has wrapped up all three parts of the reunion for season nine. OG of the RHONJ, Jacqueline Laurita, watched the reunion episodes but not this season. Jacqueline left after season five, was a friend in season six, and returned full-time again for season seven. However; she left the show for good after that. She has said that she turns it down when they ask her to come back on the show. Just because she isn’t a cast member anymore, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have opinions about the RHONJ still. Jacqueline said she has “so much to say about it.” Jacqueline recently took to Twitter to open up about a few things!

For starters, Jacqueline said, “I have not watched this season of RHONJ yet, but I just power watched reunion 1 & 2 and heard things about 3! I get the gist of the season. Oh my Goodness!! I have SO many opinions & SO much to say about it! Maybe I’ll go live one day on my social media when I’m bored to talk about it.” Earlier this year, Jacqueline said she might watch this season. She said in January, “I haven’t seen it yet, but I may power watch it at some point! I like that there’s more new people on it. I’ll let you know when I do. I get the inside scoop!”

Jacqueline has a lot to say about her former best friend, OG Teresa Giudice. When asked about Teresa’s situation with her husband, Joe Giudice, Jacqueline said she might comment about it all soon. Jacqueline tweeted a response, “You may see my comment about that soon.” She did admit that she has strong feelings about the whole situation. Teresa revealed at the reunion that she may part from her husband if he gets deported. Jacqueline tweeted, “Yes, I definitely have an opinion about that decision.”

She shut down the idea that she is off of the RHONJ because Teresa doesn’t want her on the show anymore. Jacqueline stated, “If that were true, I would not have been on the last 4 seasons she wanted me off. Plus even season 8 they asked me back part time and I declined.” When people asked Jacq if she’s going to be giving her opinions or just bashing Teresa, she answered, “Are you saying it’s not an opinion if it’s not in support of her??” For the people who tweeted her that she’s not relevant anymore, she tweeted back, “Everyone else seems to think I am. If you don’t think so, why are you still following me? Lol!”

After her tweets started to circulate she was getting a lot of responses, questions, and comments. Jacqueline tweeted, “Oops! I think I opened up a can of worms. Now everyone is asking me for comments. It’s much more fun watching as a viewer as opposed to being on it. Lol! I love reunions because it tells the basic story of the whole season. I prefer the CliffsNotes version.”

When people tweeted that they want her to come back, Jacqueline’s answer was thank you – but no thank you. In fact, Jacqueline said she has “lost interest” in returning. Plus, Jacqueline may be moving very soon. She said, “Aww! Thank you! I lost interest in going back. Plus I think I’m moving to a new state this summer! Fingers crossed!” Jacqueline is still selling her house. When asked if it sold yet, she replied, “I wish! No! Do you want it?” Jacqueline hopes to sell her house soon and she wants them to move to a different state.

There have been a lot of casting rumors surrounding the RHONJ lately. Andy Cohen shut down rumors that Caroline Manzo would be returning next season, although; he said he loves her. It seems Jacqueline and the Manzo family may not be as close as they once were. Someone said that Jacq should go on Dear Albie to talk about this season. Jacqueline replied, “What’s that?” People then asked if she was being serious, but she didn’t get around to responding to that. Dear Albie is a podcast that Caroline’s son, Albie Manzo, has started.

In other news, family life for Jacq is going good! Her son Nicholas, who has autism, is doing very well. Jacqueline tweeted that he is “doing fantastic” and she was glad that people were thinking about him.

I miss the OG cast being together, I loved the earlier seasons of the RHONJ! I enjoyed when Jacqueline and Teresa were friends and would have so much fun together. I have a feeling that Jacqueline and the Manzo family are still going through a little fallout right now, based on what Jacqueline said about the podcast. Her daughter Ashlee had announced she was going to do a parenting podcast soon – and Dolores Catania is set to appear. I’m surprised that she wants to move to a different state this summer, but they have to do whatever is best for their family. I’m glad that her sons are doing good. It seems like Jacq is going to be stating more of her opinions soon, so we’ll have to stay tuned!

Thoughts on Jacqueline’s tweets? Thoughts on her comment about the podcast? Thoughts on what Jacq had to say about offers to return to the RHONJ? Do you want her to return to the show? Do you think she will move to a different state? Sound off below!

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