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Bethenny Frankel Accuses Ex Jason Hoppy Of ‘Torture” Plus, Exposes Jason’s Phone Calls To Bryn: ‘Mommy Won’t Let Me Talk To You’

Bethenny Frankel is in the trenches of a bitter custody fight with her ex-husband Jason Hoppy. And while we think we may know most of the dirty details of their longstanding feud it turns out that’s not the cast at all.

As the two battle it out in court more and more information about their estranged relationship comes to light.

The Real Housewives of New York star took the stand on Wednesday and revealed the emotional and mental “torture” her ex-husband subjected her to following their 2012 split.

Bethenny, who wore a black and white dress, cried as she revealed why she initially agreed to joint custody of their daughter, Bryn. Bethenny states that she thought agreeing to join custody would “stop the bleeding” within their co-parenting relationship.

However, she now reveals that her truce did little to help their fractured relationship.

“We started to see a parent coordinator, and the intensity of the conflict became greater,” Bethenny revealed to family law attorney Ronnie Schindel in a New York courtroom. “The conflict was day in and day out torture. Emotional, mental, phone, FaceTime, being followed, being harassed, being verbally attacked and all-out assault in every possible way — on my character, on my mental state, on my family, on my parenting, on my career, on my life.”

Bethenny reveals that she was forced to place a padlock on her bedroom door in the apartment she shared with Hoppy. The SkinnyGirl mogul moved out of the apartment in 2014 after a two year long battle with her estranged husband.

According to Bethenny, she “pleaded and begged” Hoppy to stop “abusing” her.

“I was afraid it was affecting my daughter’s emotional well-being” she added. “I felt like what he was doing was illegal.”

And when the reality TV personality took steps to protect herself Hoppy became even more enraged.

“He said, ‘You don’t scare me with your white-collar attorney.’ He would send me email after email saying, ‘You are cowering behind your attorneys.’ He would send me emails asking about my life insurance policy,” she said. “He was like, ‘You’re a sad, miserable person.’ He would say, ‘Thank God we have a daughter to combat your mental illness.’ He would say, ‘You’re ugly and old and you’re irrelevant.’”

The last straw for Bethenny was in January 2017 when Hoppy confronted her outside their daughter’s school as the six-year-old stood nearby.

“He couldn’t control his anger…I was afraid for my safety,” she said. Jason was arrested and charged with stalking and harassment. In October 2017 he struck a plea deal and agreed to stay away from Bethenny for six months in exchange for the charges being dropped.

Later in her testimony, Bethenny claimed that Hoppy called her a witch around their now 8-year-old daughter.

“He would read witch stories and say, ‘Mommy would be great at being a witch,’” she cried. Bethenny also said that Jason would use phone calls to his daughter as a way to “abuse” her following their split.

It turns out that Hoppy phone calls were escalating so much that Bethenny began to record them in hopes that they would one day help her reveal his true behavior.

“I used the recordings in hopes that one day we would use this in a situation like this,” Bethenny told Hoppy’s lawyer Robert Wallack.

Hoppy’s lawyer attempted to have recording tossed out claiming that Hoppy didn’t know he was being recorded but a judge shut down the request.

In a February 2015 call to Bryn, Hoppy can be heard saying “Bethenny keep it up.”

“Bryn, you love your daddy,” Hoppy said. “I love you so much. It’s so nice to have a daddy who loves you, right Bethenny…I love you, Bryn. Bethenny, keep it up.”

In a May 2015 call, Hoppy demanded to know who was riding in the car with his ex and their daughter.

“Mommy’s friend,” Bryn responded.

“Who’s Mommy’s friend. Who’s Mommy’s friend? You can tell me tomorrow,” Hoppy said. Hoppy then took things a step further and referred to Frankel by her estranged mother Bernadette Birk’s nickname.

“Bonnie, I hope you’re not recording this, Bonnie,” he warned. “I don’t think [the] judge would like that. Which friend do you have now, Bethenny? I see how you want to do things, Bethenny. Bryn, I love you, sweetheart, have a good night.”

Bethenny accuses Hoppy of using her childhood traumas and fears of turning into her mother against her during their divorce and previous custody battle.

In another phone call from May 2015, Hoppy told Bryn that Bethenny was preventing them from communicating.

“Daddy called you last night, but Mommy wouldn’t let me talk to you,” he said. “Only a couple of days and you’ll be back with Daddy.”

Bethenny continued by telling the court that Hoppy has prevented her from Facetiming or calling Bryn while she is in his custody. Bethenny also alleges that Hoppy has made decisions about Bryn’s religious life without getting consent. According to Bethenny, Hoppy scheduled Bryn’s communion for Spring 2018 without ever telling her and it wasn’t until Bryn told her about it and asked her to attend that she even knew the event was happening.

“I was embarrassed because I was alone sitting in the back,” she said of attending the religious event.

In court, Psychologist Dr. Alan Ravitz revealed that Hoppy was “emotionally violent” and that Bethenny was “psychologically traumatized” by Hoppy’s controlling behavior.

Despite the issues between Frankel and Hoppy, their 8-year-old daughter is thriving. Dr. Ravitz reveals that Bryn gets good grades, makes friends, and participates in activities which are all signs that she’s doing very well.

Dr. Ravitz admitted that the current custody agreement seems to be working well for Bryn. In fact, Dr. Ravitz warned that it was a “risk” to change the current agreement.

At the end of his testimony, Dr. Ravitz concluded that Frankel and Hoppy’s current custody arrangement should remain intact.

“In your conclusion, you think the co-parents arrangement is the best?” asked Bethenny’s lawyer.

“I don’t know what else to suggest,” Ravitz replied. “And I don’t think another arrangement is going to be better than the current arrangement.”

He added: “I do not feel comfortable making the prediction that a certain set of circumstances would change the dynamic. I don’t know what kind of impact a different custodial agreement would do if it will make it better or not.”

Bethenny and Jason’s courtroom battle continues this week. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

Thoughts on Bethenny’s claims against Jason? Do you believe Bethenny? Is there any chance that Bethenny and Jason could ever have a civil relationship as co-parents? Should Bethenny get full custody of Bryn? Sound off below!

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Source: Radar Online

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