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Lisa Rinna Insists Teddi Mellencamp is Pawn This Season – Says She Won’t Stand for It!

Don’t worry Teddi – Lisa Rinna’s got your back!

Despite being disengaged last season, Rinna has vowed to look out for the underdog this season as long as it plays along with her agenda.

Taking to her Bravo Blog, Rinna outlines her case and claims that she is 100% sure that her beloved Teddi-Bear is being used in LVP’s game of chess this season:

Ok, I’m gonna make this short and sweet because, in my opinion, everything you just saw has been laid out and is now left for your interpretation. However, there are a few things I do want to say.

I want to point out that none of this would be happening had Dorit just followed the contract and taken the dog back the way she was supposed to. Nobody is disputing that she should have followed protocol, but the bottom line is, she didn’t do that and here we are. The dog was aggressive with her kids and she wanted the dog out. I understand that Mama Bear mentality of protecting your kids before anything else.

Some may say this was just enough of a misstep to leave a drop of blood in the water that could be sniffed out from a mile away…

But in this familiar scenario, there is a new cast of players being pitted against one another, and it feels very, very familiar. This is why I am so passionate about this situation.

Similar to what Teddi is facing today, three years ago I had the exact same feelings and an uphill battle to face. To be honest, it’s incredibly frustrating to watch it play out in front of me, and I can see exactly how this setup will go. I have painfully lived it already, and I don’t want to see Teddi used as a pawn. If I feel like I can help shed light on what is happening, you better believe I will do just that.

Somebody once said they wished I was more engaged in the group…. Careful what you wish for.

Is it just me or is Rinna hell bent on taking LVP down this season? Why do I get the feeling that it’s not so much that Rinna actually cares about Teddi but more that she wants to see LVP look bad? We are still only a few episodes in so perhaps I’ll change my mind as the season goes on; however to me Lisa’s constant smirk says a lot.

What are your thought’s on Rinna’s blog?

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