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Marty Caffrey Speaks Out About Danielle Staub’s Quickie Engagement!

Danielle Staub recently revealed she is getting married, just days after divorcing Marty Caffrey. Did we mention she is becoming a Duchess as well? To the surprise of absolutely no one, Marty has some opinions on this and is speaking out on his ex wife’s quickie wedding.

Speaking out via People Magazine, Marty states that “Even knowing Danielle, it’s a little surprising.” Okay – so apparently he decided to take the high road as I’m sure he left out a few choice words that he may be thinking.

Despite a rocky romance and a ten month marriage, Marty was shockingly nice and showed no ill will towards his crazy ex-wife adding:

“If Danielle is happy, then I’m very happy for her. I wished her the best when I divorced her, and I meant it. Danielle and I have both been dating [other people] for a while. I’ll take my time, though.”

“I’m not surprised she met someone, but I’m surprised that she got engaged so fast,” he adds. “It begs a lot of questions. Why did it need to be so fast?”

Even making the situation even weirder (as if it needed that) is the fact that Danielle and Marty still live together, although Danielle is ordered to either purchase the home or move with a deadline of April 2019. Luckily, Marty has a light heart about the situation and even joked about Danielle’s fiance stopping by, saying:

“I’ll have to ask him how he likes his coffee. ‘I’ll tell him to pick up some milk before he gets here!”

Is anyone else shocked at how well Marty is taking this news? I may be going nuts over here but Marty sounds level headed and can even make a joke or two. Perhaps he is just relieved that period of his life is over?

Thoughts on Marty’s comments? Do you think Danielle’s new relationship will last?

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