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Vanderpump Rules: Lala Kent Opens Up About Prior Split From Randall Emmett On The Show!

On the recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, viewers were let into Lala Kent’s personal life. Lala admitted that she had split from her fiancé, Randall Emmett. The SUR hostess revealed that the couple had secretly split before getting engaged late last summer. In real life, they are still together and engaged. The girls went on a trip to Solvang, California, and Lala refrained from drinking. However; she discovered when she got back to Los Angeles, that her producer boyfriend Rand hadn’t been sober, too. This upset Lala and she opened up about it on Pump Rules.

Lala said, “I came home from Solvang and saw Randall had partied to the point where he doesn’t even know his own name. You’re slurring your f—ing words. That doesn’t work for Lala. I feel betrayed because we made a pact. This is a hard time for me, and I need my partner, I need my soulmate, and I need someone to back me up.”

Lala told co-stars Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Brittany Cartwright, “He claims it’s because I’ve been very, very, very un-loving and harsh the past week.” Lala started to cry and revealed that they were over and taking a break. Lala explained, “I decided to take a break from him. There’s just a lot going on. I’m just so f—ed up right now. I don’t think I can be with Rand. He kept my Gucci slides, like took them from me and was like, ‘I want you to remember.’ You want my f—ing Gucci slides? Take them. Take them!”

Katie was offended and said during her confessional, “This whole thing just seems ridiculous. Like, she’s some kind of child and you took away a toy you got them because you want to punish them? I mean, come on.” Lala wasn’t worried, though. Lala said she could still afford her rent and lifestyle, even without Randall.

She said, “Obviously with my financial situation, like, I know I can afford my rent, which he was paying, but I can afford it on my own. I can afford a car on my own. The only thing that will be different is it’s not going to be like, oh, we’re going to be traveling on a private jet to f—ing Mykonos, which, guess what, honey? There’s a lot of d— out there for me to suck to get on a p.j. I’m just letting you know.” Katie and Brittany laughed with Lala and consoled her.

Lala added, “Like no matter what, I can still live that life. You just need to have a mouth, baby. It doesn’t matter what you look like.” They made up later on and Randall popped the question to Lala on a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in early September of 2018.

Watch the video of Lala discussing the split on the show:

As Brittany said, at least Lala was staying positive during it all! It was nice seeing Lala open up, especially because she was going through a hard time with the passing of her father. I agree with Katie, it’s weird to take Gucci slides away from an adult and treat them like a child. They made up and are planning their wedding. I’m glad that Lala is happy now!

Thoughts on this scene? Thoughts on Lala and Randall splitting before they got engaged? Thoughts on them getting married? Thoughts on this season of the show? Sound off below!

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