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RHONJ Recap Part 2

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice -- (Photo by: Greg Endries/Bravo)

Welcome back to Jerry Springer RHONJ. Sigh…let’s just get into it.

We start out with Tre losing her temper at Jackie and nearly throwing Andy’s cards. Naturally, Jackie didn’t take this well and hit below the belt (again) asking Tre if she was still on parole, resulting with Tre calling Jackie white trash. Luckily Andy changes the subject and asks Jackie about her infamous parenting article. Jackie admitted that she should have given Jennifer the heads up which Jennifer obviously agrees with (along with all of us Jersey fans.) Jackie’s parents “going away” comes up and Jackie admits that she exaggerated as both of her parents were actually on house arrests; however I’m still not sure how that could compare to what Tre is going through.

The Jersey parents get their own montage, proving that out of all the cities, Jersey is definitely the most family focused. We learn that Marge Sr. is on the prowl with her new face and that Tre and Dolores’ parents still are facing health issues. We also learn more about Jennifer and her parents and that her relationship with her mother was difficult up until she married well. Once Jennifer’s mother could breathe a sign of relief that her daughter was taken care of, she backed off.

Jennifer’s conservative Turkish background comes up and Jennifer is true to herself, unapologetic for her over the top house and behavior.  Marge makes some snide remarks about her house from the side; however Jennifer puts her in her spot as Margaret can’t throw stones in glass   chronic under construction houses. Andy asks Jennifer about her culture’s conservative views on sex and Jennifer was the ultimate lady about the topic, refusing to answer out of respect for her husband.

Melissa’s montage is center stage along with the search for her hypothetical long lost sister. Despite not having found anything (yet) Melissa is not giving up her search and continues to look for her. The topic of Joe comes up and Melissa admits that she is (still) trying to change him as she doesn’t like the way he speaks to women around Antonia.

Joey Gorga comes out (because you know he loves that spotlight) and admits that history repeated itself this season as it was Tre vs. Melissa and Joey. Melissa felt put in the middle and once again the infamous ‘controlling’ issue comes up. Look – I get what Tre meant but it came out all wrong. No one can control their husband but they certainly can influence their husbands which is what she meant. Andy then asks Joey if he still thinks it was Joe Giudice that was whispering in Mr. Gorga’s ear or was actually Tre. Joe Gorga says it was definitely Joe then goes on to hit below the belt as he says that the reason he didn’t spend time with his father was that he was a legit businessman unlike another person we know. Yikes – I’m honestly shocked that Teresa let her brother say that and get away with it. She really didn’t do much to defend her husband and I’m not sure if she thinks it’s true or just let it slide as it is her brother.

Melissa and Tre’s issues are once again brought to the surface and Tre feels that Jackie got in between Melissa and her this season. Melissa doesn’t speak Tre’s language and these two apparently moved one step forward then ten steps back this season. Joe Gorga jumps in and is the voice of reason telling them they are family and to cut the BS. Melissa still feels that Tre just tolerates her and Tre feels she just treats Melissa how she is treated. I think Joe Gorga says it best – stick a fork in us, we’re done here.

Tre is asked about Joe and Tre reveals she sees her hubby once a month and the girls do two a month. We get a heartbreaking montage of Joe and his legal issues (not going to lie I totally teared up.) Andy finally gets into the hard questions and Tre admits that it’s hard to believe that this is her life. Tre still harbors anger towards Joe, especially since she lost so much time with her mother. Tre admits that she has thrown it in his face when she is angry and that Joe has shown tremendous guilt. Andy brings up Joe’s deportation and Tre still holds hope that they can fight it. Tre says she is still ‘ride or die’ however wouldn’t move to Italy for him for the sake of her children.

Wow – what a place to stop. The last part of the reunion is usually the best so stay tuned my friends!

Thoughts on part two? Let’s discuss!

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