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RHOBH Recap: Sun & Shade in the Bahamas!

From the Hills of Beverly to the Bahamas – the drama follows us no matter where we are. So whats going on this episode? Let’s begin…

We are off to the beautiful Bahamas (in a PJ nonetheless) and it’s luxury from the second these fabulous Beverly Hills ladies hit the ground. The resort is stunning, complete with butlers who have no idea what they have gotten themselves into, and it’s first class all the way. Despite the snoring and gas, LVP agrees to shack up with Dorit while Erika Girardi Jayne shacks up with her glam squad. Kyle and her new bestie Teddi are rooming together; however LVP is not exactly feeling the love with her former bestie Dorit. Lisa makes some snide remarks to Dorit; however Dorit is big enough to know that Lisa is emotionally exhausted and let’s the hits pass.

Denise is having trouble fitting in with the new ladies as Rinna informs her that nothing is casual with this group of girls and poor Denise did not pack accordingly. Case in point? The ladies are getting ready for a “casual” nightcap in Dorit’s room grand suite and the ladies look like they are going to the world’s fanciest pajama party. Erika comes with 70 inches of hair, Dorit is in full glam and Kyle is in a sparkling evening dress. Poor Denise shows up in what your average vacationing mom would wear and is clearly uncomfortable. Don’t worry Denise – you’ll learn quickly! Lucky for Denise, she’s naturally stunning so she can get away with a tank top and shorts and get away with it.

LVP pulls Kyle aside to discuss her feelings (a very un-LVP trait) and even encourages Kyle to reunite with her estranged sisters. The death of Lisa’s brother puts everything in perspective and she offers her pearls of wisdom to Kyle who continues to have  rocky relationship with her sisters. Rinna feels left out and joins the conversation which turns awkward when Kyle brings up Lucy Lucy Apple Juice. LVP automatically goes stone cold, much to the confusion of Rinna, and it’s Kyle and Rinna that keep pressing the issue  – not LVP. Am I missing something here?

Over breakfast, Kyle brings up the LLAJ situation (again) and doesn’t understand why LVP shut it down during cocktail hour. Rinna joins the ladies for their brunch and Teddi breaks the entire situation down, from beginning to end. Rinna thinks she smells a rat and her theory is that LVP set up Teddi, Kyle and her employees to make Dorit look bad. What the hell does Rinna have against LVP? I’m honestly shocked that neither Teddi or Kyle could stick up for LVP, especially since she is so sensitive at this time. The whole talking behind her back situation here was not a pretty look, especially when LVP confided in Kyle about her brother the night before.

The ladies are finally ready for some beach time on a private beach, heels and all, and I have a serious case of FOMO here. While the other ladies booze and sunbathe, LVP and Denise get some R&R by getting a massage and bond over the fact that they both adopted their youngest child. Denise reveals that her youngest, Eloise, has a chromosome disorder; however Denise states that while moments have been challenging, raising her as her own has been one of her biggest blessings. Denise’s mother passed away  of cancer in her 50’sand Denise felt that adopting Eloise was a gift from her mother. All in all, it was a very sweet scene.

Over lunch, Rinna’s big mouth starts out the conversation by forcing everyone to air their grievances. What is this – Festivus??? Most of the ladies air their grievances and move on; however when it comes to LVP she reveals that the condolence note that Erika sent felt cold and distant. Rinna is appalled that LVP revealed her emotions and apparently forgot she was the one who made everyone air their feelings. I feel that LVP is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. If she doesn’t reveal her feelings she is criticized but look what happens when she does!

On a lighter note, Denise recreates an iconic Bond scene and she looks like she hasn’t aged a day. Get it Denise!!!

Of course things have to go dark again as Rinna and Erika get together before dinner to discuss LVP. Apparently Erika knew to keep the receipt as she took a photo of the note she sent to LVP as an insurance policy. Is anyone else finding this odd? Dinner is even more odd as Kyle and Teddi can’t let the dog issue go. Seriously these two are like dogs with a bone here! Teddi decides to tell the entire table what happened and unless I’m missing something LVP hasn’t brought up the dog once this trip. Perhaps I’m biased to LVP but I feel that the other ladies are the ones who decided to make this a story line.

Rinna flat out blames LVP for a set up and Dorit ends up bursting into tears (to which everyone comforts her.) It’s pretty much St. Dorit vs. evil LVP at this time and so far I’m confused as to why this is such a story line.

Stay tuned as next week we have text messages involved.

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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