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Lisa Rinna Clarifies Her Pill Tweet To Lisa Vanderpump!

Lisa Rinna recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and she clarified a big topic of discussion: her pill tweet to Lisa Vanderpump. On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump have a lot of back and forth banter. Lisa R’s pill bag that she travels with has become infamous on the RHOBH, so she decided to joke about it on Lisa V’s birthday.

On LVP’s Birthday, Rinna tweeted, “Oh Happy Belated Birthday @LisaVanderpump I made you some special cupcakes for your special day!” She added a pink heart emoji, and a photo of cupcakes that had pills on top of the frosting instead of sprinkles. Lisa R didn’t know that Lisa V’s brother had died from suicide at the time, so she felt horrible for tweeting this when she meant it as a joke.

Lisa R tweeted this for Lisa V on her birthday:

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People quickly slammed Lisa R for posting this. However; Lisa R stated that she had  no idea that Lisa V’s brother had committed suicide. Lisa R tweeted, “We didn’t see LVP for long, she stopped filming after Denise’s wedding. I did not know it was suicide. I reached out to LVP immediately as soon as I found out how insensitive my tweet ended up being.” Lisa also said if she’d known, she wouldn’t have tweeted that. Lisa R said on Twitter, “I did not know her brother died of suicide. She never told me. I would never have tweeted the cupcakes if I had known. My own sister died of a drug overdose when I was 6.”

Lisa explained that she also knows what it’s like to lose a loved one while filming. Therefore; Lisa said she has compassion for that and understands. Lisa R wrote, “I too lost my father while filming and I completely understand that everyone’s grieving process is just that their process. We have all reached out to her and we are all there for her. She has chosen to not film with us. I too lost my sister to an overdose. I have great empathy and I have been there. If you sign up to do a job you do it. No matter what. That’s show biz. I did it. Eileen did it when her mother passed away the day before the reunion. You show up or if you can’t then you say I can’t and I’m going to take this season to heal. But please don’t make any of us out to be bullies. We are not. We are here to film a tv show that we all signed a contract to do. We wish LVP only the very best in her time of mourning.”

Andy said they got a lot of questions about this so Lisa R clarified her pill tweet on WWHL. Lisa Rinna said, “Let’s be really clear about this, Lisa Vanderpump and I have a pill joke. She was part of the whole pill bag situation. We jab each other, but here’s the thing: I did not know her brother had committed suicide. I had no idea. So the fact that a day after her birthday, nobody had wished her a happy birthday on Twitter, I actually felt bad. None of the other women did, nobody had. So I thought, that’s not cool, I’m gonna wish her a happy birthday. That’s my cheeky, you know, we have pill humor. And I did it and I got eviscerated for it.” Rinna stated that she reached out to LVP right away after. “I reached out to Lisa, she knows I meant no harm. I would never, ever do that – ever.” Andy noted that Lisa R’s own sister died of an overdose. Lisa said, “Of course, the pill bag has become something like if you drag me I’m going to make it iconic. You know what I mean. So I did.”

I don’t think that Lisa R meant any harm, and I’m glad that as soon as she realized she reached out to Lisa V. Both of the Lisa’s have experienced these sad situations in their lives, and I don’t think either of them would do anything hurtful when it comes to scenarios that are this serious. I hope the ladies are all able to film together again. I’m so happy that the RHOBH is back on! This is going to be a crazy season. I’m hoping the ladies all return next year to film.

Thoughts on the pill tweet? Thoughts on this entire situation? Thoughts on what Lisa Rinna said? Thoughts on this season of the RHOBH so far? Comment below!

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