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Melissa Gorga Says Teresa Giudice Came To the S9 Reunion With an “Agenda” To Go After Her!

Melissa Gorga made some major allegations against her sister in law Teresa Giudice during an interview with The Morning Toast.

The reality star turned boss babe stopped by the millennial morning show the day of the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 9 finale to chat about all things Housewives!

During her interview with Jackie and Claudia Oshry, Melissa revealed that Teresa came to the season 9 reunion with an “agenda” and that agenda involved going after her!

“When you guys see the reunion you will be in shock. It’s shocking,” Melissa revealed.  “And this is not me promoting the show like for real my mouth was dropped the whole time. Teresa and I go at it very unexpectedly for me. I feel she had an agenda and didn’t give me a little heads up on this agenda.  Didn’t let me know how she was feeling about things and went for my jugular within 3 seconds. It was something special.”

Melissa says you will see that she is flabbergasted by Teresa’s attack as is reunion host Andy Cohen.

“You will clearly see and I’m like, umm, ‘I was just at your house and we were eating pasta.’ I was like what am I missing. Andy Cohen looked at me and was like ‘What’s happening?’ and I was like ‘I don’t know,’” Melissa confesses.”

The RHONJ star  went on to gush about her co-star Jennifer Aydin telling The Morning Toast, “I love her energy, I do.”

The Oshry sisters then asked Melissa about how Jennifer’s crazy side emerges when she drinks.

Melissa explains: “I think she’s coming out of some type of shell. Listen she has a lot of kids. She has 5 children. I don’t know if she admitted to having an arranged marriage but she was definitely set up on a date with him of some sort. So, I feel like this is her time to shine and I’m here for it.”

In fact, Melissa says that Jennifer reminds her a lot of herself when she first joined the show.

“I appreciate that and I get that because I went through that when I first got on the show. It was like Mommy duty, wifey duty, life’s all about Joe because he has to build his buildings and I’m going to cook his dinners when he gets home and I’m going to make sure my kids look perfect. And now I’m like fuck you. Like I got shit to do. And I think Jennifer is also like – let me free…give me a drink…let’s party.”

However, Melissa admits that her relationship with Jackie and Teresa’s relationship with Jennifer has “definitely” caused tension in their family.

Jennifer is “quirky” and “more like Teresa. I can’t explain it. She just goes well with Teresa. And Jackie goes well with me. We think more alike. It’s just different types of people.”

As for the newbies, Melissa thinks Jennifer “had a great season” and thinks Jackie did just as well.

“Jackie had balls this season which is not easy. Listen she reminds me of me. When you don’t have the cooky, craziness which I think that Jennifer does, you know she has that vibe to her, Jackie is a more level headed, and you’re still able to come out and tell your truth and say you don’t agree with something and take the pressure, I don’t know I like Jackie a lot.”

Meanwhile, Melissa also dished about Teresa and Danielle’s odd friendship.

Melissa says that Teresa and Danielle are still “besties” and “up each other’s butts.”

Adding that their friendship works so well because Danielle tells Teresa exactly what she wants to here and gives her nothing but praise.

“‘Yes Teresa, sure Teresa, anything you say, Teresa. You’re the prettiest, the sexiest, the best’…They are besties now. You know what I mean,” Melissa said, mocking Danielle and Teresa’s friendship.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey three-part season 9 reunion kicks off Wednesday, February 20 at 9 p.m

Thoughts on Melissa’s interview? Do you believe Teresa came to the reunion with an agenda to go after Melissa? Were Jennifer and Jackie good additions to RHONJ?  Do you find Danielle and Teresa’s friendship odd? Sound off below!

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