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Lisa Vanderpump Claims She’s Been Vindicated of Leaking Stories But Kyle Richards Disagrees!

Season 9 may have just started but Lisa Vanderpump is already claiming victory.

In a new interview with E!’s Chief News Correspondent Melanie Bromley, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she been vindicated of leaking stories.

However, Vanderpump may be putting the cart before the horse. Let’s explain.

Lisa’s interview with Melanie starts off with the two talking about the drama from season 2 that claimed the RHOBH star was selling stories about her co-stars. Vanderpump denied the claims then and now.

Well, it turns out Melanie and Vanderpump go way back and have been good friends for years. And isn’t it a coincidence that Melanie was the very gossip columnist that Adriene Maloof accused Lisa of selling stories to for profit.

If you remember during the RHOBH season 2 reunion Adriene accused Lisa of selling stories to her friend who worked at a gossip magazine. Up until 2012, Melanie was the West Coast Bureau Chief of Us Magazine.

See the clip from the season 2 reunion below!

As the interview continues, Melanie reveals that Lisa was NOT the Beverly Hills Housewife giving her stories but admits that one of the Housewives was, in fact, leaking stories.

“For Real Housewives this season it brings back memories for me. I know it brings back memories for you. Brings back memories of season 2,” Melanie tells Lisa. “So season 2, you and I have been friends a very long time. You were accused in season 2 of giving stories to me.”

“And you have just reminded me that it was you,” Lisa responded. “I had totally forgotten that because it’s so long ago. “

“You were not giving stories to me,” Melanie clarified.

“I was accused of giving stories but now tell me who gave the stories?” Lisa asked.

“I can’t tell you who gave the story but I know it wasn’t you,” Melanie replied.

“This season, when I see this trailer…” Melanie said before trailing off. Lisa quickly interjected, “So you know it’s a set up again?”

“It looks like you’re being bullied,” Melanie says. “It feels like there’s a massive divide between you and everyone else.”

“Well, it’s been the same season 2, 4, and 6. So, it’s kind of the fourth time,” Lisa explains.

Melanie says she knows LVP felt ganged up on by her co-stars before and asks her what’s different this time around.

“Nothing,” LVP responds. “Obviously I wasn’t as strong as I am normally. I mean I’ve sat at reunions and finale parties and been ganged up on before but I wasn’t strong personally this year.

E!’s Chief News Correspondent then inquires about Vanderpump’s friendship with Kyle Richards.

“Kyle was Live! this morning and said that this season of Real Housewives is “deceptive” was the word she used. She also said that you and her are not friends but that she hopes you can become friends at some point in the future,” Melanie explains.

Lisa’s reply? “When you have a friend you believe them,” LVP said as she rolled her eyes at Kyle’s comment about their friendship.

As the interview continued Lisa revealed that she does feel betrayed by her co-stars but admits she “doesn’t know” why they want her to look bad.

Watch the rest of Lisa’s interview with Melanie below!

This conversation with Melanie gave Lisa the validation she needed to claim victory over the drama that’s to come during season 9.

On Twitter, LVP said “A bit late for but vindication is always good! It’s sickening really.”

However, Kyle didn’t exactly think this interview vindicates LVP from her actions during season 9. While Kyle agrees that this interview vindicates LVP from Adriene’s season 2 claims she insists that it bears no weight on the current RHOBH drama.

Well, LVP didn’t like that and shot back at Kyle’s saying it was “old news.”  

Thoughts on Melanie and Vanderpump’s conversation? Do you think this video vindicates LVP against the current allegations she faces from her RHOBH co-stars? Is too soon for LVP to be claiming victory? Who do you think was really behind the season 2 press leaks? Sound off below!

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