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Is Kelly Dodd Behind Vicki Gunvalson’s Demotion on RHOC?

Kelly Dodd may be getting the last laugh as Vicki Gunvalson is rumored to be getting demoted to friend status for season 14 of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

As many of you already know Kelly and the OG of the OC have been fighting for close to a year after Vicki set Kelly’s ex-husband, Michael Dodd, up with one of her friends.

Their issues intensified when Vicki wouldn’t own up to setting Michael and her friend up and instead passed the blame to her longtime boyfriend Steve Lodge.

However, their struggling friendship passed the point of no return at the Real Housewives of Orange County season 13 reunion when Vicki accused Kelly of doing cocaine and being a bad mother.

Now Vicki’s role as the OG of the OC is dangling in the air. Rumor has it Vicki is being demoted from full-time Housewife to a friend of the Housewives for season 14. And it turns out it has everything to do with Kelly.

When Vicki made those nasty allegations about Kelly at the season 13 reunion, Kelly vowed to quit the show if Vicki was not fired.

According to Radar Online, Vicki knew that she crossed the line at the season 13 reunion and put her position as the OG of the OC in jeopardy.

“After the whole cocaine scandal, Vicki kind of knew that may be kicked off as a full-time Housewife. She started getting nervous and tried defending her actions. But her defense was too late,” a source tells Radar.

“Kelly was angry, and she had every right to be. She wasn’t going to let it go and Kelly is absolutely responsible for Vicki getting canned,” the insider claimed.

“Vicki thought since she was the OG of the OC, she was untouchable. but she clearly was wrong, as none of the ladies are untouchable when it comes down to it,” the source continued.

Ever since Vicki survived the fallout from her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers fake cancer scam she’s felt untouchable. However, what Vicki failed to take into accountability was that “fans have been over Vicki since the Brooks situation,” making it easier for Bravo to demote her to a friend.

“But still, even after all that, Vicki thought that rules don’t apply to her because she was allowed to stay on the show,” the source explained.

“After the cocaine debacle, Kelly basically gave them an ultimatum. She told producers, ‘Either Vicki goes, or I go.’ When it came down to it, they knew that Kelly was more valuable to the show at this point then Vicki was,” revealed the insider. “Everyone knows that Kelly brings fresh drama to the show with her explosive personality.”

Vicki biggest storyline from last season was her trying to convince Steve to propose, which has yet to happen.

“Everyone was just tired of Vicki trying to talk marriage with Steve,” the source adds. Vicki and Steve were spotted engagement ring shopping in the Bahamas over the weekend, which many saw as a last-ditch attempt to create buzz. Seems like Vicki hopes that getting engaged to Steve will help her get upgraded to full-time Housewife status for season 14.

However, sources say that Vicki reconciliation with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador also played a role in her demotion.

“Now that Vicki is best friends with Tamra again, she became less interesting,” the source confessed. “Fans loved it when the two of them would fight on-air. The three of them getting drunk in Mexico together was just not as interesting as the three of them screaming at each other.”

Vicki will be making a decision on whether or not she’s accepting the “friend” position when she returns from the Bahamas.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently filming season 14 and is expected to return to Bravo this summer.

Do you think Vicki will return to RHOC as a friend? Is a friend role a slap in the face to Vicki? Does Vicki deserve a full-time position on RHOC? Are you a fan of Vicki? Will you miss Vicki on RHOC if she exits? Do you think Kelly played a role in Vicki’s demotion? Sound off below!

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