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Heather Dubrow Reveals Her Secrets For A Successful Marriage, Plus Talks New Additons To O.C. Mansion!

Heather Dubrow and husband Terry Dubrow, alumni of The Real Housewives of Orange County, have been keeping busy since their days on the RHOC. The couple have been married for almost 20 years and are proud parents. Heather recently opened up about the secrets to her happy marriage in an interview with TooFab. Heather said the secret is, “Separate bathrooms. There’s some things that should remain a mystery. I don’t know why everyone feels they have to share everything. Boundaries.”

They released their successful book together in October of 2018, “The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless.” Heather explained, “Terry and I have our separate businesses, and then we do things together. This book was so organic because we had just started eating like this three or four years ago. We didn’t actually intend to write it down.” Heather said you get younger from the inside out. She just turned 50 and looks amazing. “You feel better, you get more energy, your skin gets tighter, your hair gets thicker, you feel younger. The anti-aging properties are incredible,” she stated.

Sometimes married couples can work together in business, while some simply cannot in a business capacity. Heather said she and Terry “work pretty well together.” Heather and Terry do a lot of projects together. Heather explained, “Some couples hike and have hobbies; we’re workers! We do a podcast together, which is fun because it’s our L.A. day. So he does his stuff, I do my stuff, and then we do a podcast together, and then we go out for dinner. Writing books is super fun together, but of course, everyone says, ‘What’s the next book?’ So we’ve been talking about doing a book about relationships, but we’re worried. We managed to avoid the reality TV curse, but is it too on the nose to write a book about your relationship? Is that the kiss of death?!” They haven’t written a relationship book – yet!

It’s important to make time for one another in a marriage, no matter how busy you both are. Heather explained, “You have to know how to fight. You have to know how to make up. You have to know when to let things go because, sometimes, keeping peace is more important than being right. And you have to have date night! You have to have sex. It’s very hard when your children are little and you’re kind of living in diapers and feces and you’re exhausted, but you have to do it. You gotta just make it happen because it’s very easy to get disconnected.”

Heather is still busy at work on her Orange County mansion. She’s made new additions to her home already! Heather revealed, “It’s not done yet. It’s having some issues. You know how I have that wall of champagne? So it’s in the dining room, and I designed this, I guess I could just call it champagne jewelry that sparkles in between the rows of bottles. But it’s been a little trying. It hasn’t really been finished yet. I could leave it alone right now, but I’m not going to. It’s gotta be right.”

I would love for Heather to return to the RHOC! I miss her on the show. I enjoyed watching Heather and Terry. I think they’re a great couple. I can’t wait to see more of her O.C. mansion when it’s finished. Champs!

Do you want Heather to return to the RHOC? Thoughts on what Heather had to say? Should Heather and Terry write a relationship book? Share below!

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