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RHOBH Premiere Recap!

It’s here ladies and gentlemen: the long awaited Beverly Hills premiere! Jersey is good, OC is fun but is there anything like the glitz and glam that the ladies of Beverly Hills bring? I think not.

Let’s begin, shall we? We go from 1-10 within 2 seconds as Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle get into an epic fight which results in Kyle being kicked out of Villa Rosa. So what happened? Let’s rewind…

After a montage of everyone’s morning we find that Kyle is hosting a pool party in which she invites everyone. We see Teddi’s amazing new house and I’m getting serious backyard envy here. Most of the ladies are with their children, including Rinna who is taking advantage of her super model daughters being home by treating them to goat yoga. I’m a total yogi and have done cat yoga but not goat yoga and I’m getting some FOMO. Delilah has decided to move back to LA (to the delight of Rinna) and Amelia is modeling as well, so in the words of Yolanda, Rinna is a #ProudMommy.

Over at Villa Rosa, it’s not all diamonds and rose as beloved Giggy is very ill and in a true tragedy, Lisa’s only brother has taken his own life. It’s truly heart breaking and we find out that it was Lisa’s brother that introduced Lisa and Ken. Lisa is finding a distraction in her work but it’s obvious she is putting on a tough face but is crumbling inside. Prayers for the Vanderpump family <3.

Over at Kyle’s, Teddi is visiting after a boxing match with Justin Beiber and we see Kyle’s fabulous new home. Teddi’s husband’s company did the house security, giving Kyle some piece of mind after the robbery. To put salt into the wound, her house is also being terrorized by a mountain lion so maybe it’s not the dream home we thought it was?

Over at casa Girardi, Dorit is visiting which naturally calls for champs (obviously in champagne glasses for Ms. Dorit!) Dorit reveals that she has been robbed too and I’m wondering why these ladies don’t understand when you put it out for the world to see people are going to want it. Didn’t we learn anything from Kim Kardashian in Paris?? To decompress from the traumatic robbery, Dorit ended up going to Utah and having a breakthrough via mountain climbing. Where were the cameras for this? I need to see Dorit mountain climbing, Gucci fanny-pack and all!

Back in WeHo, Teddi is visiting Vanderpump Dogs as Teddi is not only a patron but also hosts rides for the charity. Kyle stops by and things get awkward real quick as we find out that Lucy Lucy Apple Juice (Dorit’s family dog) was returned to another shelter. Apparently, Dorit gave the dog to another family; however poor LLAJ ended up in shelter (that was not Vanderpump Dogs) which is a big ‘no no’ in the adoption world. Even more awkward was that LVP was apparently pissed that Kyle wasn’t at the TomTom party and results in Kyle storming out. Is it just me or did Kyle take this  way too far? Doth the lady protest too much? I also found Kyle a bit cold when Lisa said she was in London for the funeral and Kyle replied with “I’ve been busy too.” Yikes!

At Rinna’s, our newest addition to the franchise, Denise Richards, stops by for some strong margs along with the rest of the “season b**ches” (Rinna’s words not mine.) The ladies grill Denise on her famous past including being a Bond girl and being married to Charlie Sheen. Denise and Rinna go way back, to the point Denise’s ex-husband has licked Rinna’s toes. Um – ew, no need for a visual.

On to the other Lisa (LVP) we get a very tense lunch as she and Ken are meeting Dorit and PK to discuss the pup issue (which is sure to be a main story line this season.) Dorit had the best of intentions when giving away the dog; however John at the Vanderpump Dog Center is livid so perhaps he’s the one who spilled the beans to Radar?

At Kyle’s the day of the pool party is here and in true to form, it’s not a BBQ – it’s a Beverly Hills BBQ complete with a charcuterie expert (insert eye roll.) I love that it’s a family event and it seems like a great time other than the unspoken LLAJ drama. Dorit is the only mama brave enough to sport a bikini (partly because it’s free advertising to Beverly Hills Beach) but damn – girl looks great! Kyle admits it’s awkward that everyone is talking behind Dorit’s back; however in Beverly Hills form, everyone puts on a fake smile and pretends that everything is fine.

We end the episode with Teddi feeling embarrassed as she not only said “winning” in front of Denise Richards but her son also was peeing in the pool (flashback to Brandi’s premier season anyone??)

Thoughts on the premiere episode? Let’s discuss!

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