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Victoria Gotti Shares How Friend Teresa Giudice Handles Husband Joe Being Away!

Victoria Gotti and Teresa Giudice became fast friends when they both appeared on Celebrity Apprentice together back in 2012. They have a lot in common, both being Italian and old school. Victoria is the daughter of mob boss John Gotti, and her ex-husband is convicted mobster Carmine Agnello. Victoria knows what it’s like to have your husband away, and she recently opened up about how her friend Teresa is handling everything. Teresa, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is dealing with her husband Joe Giudice being away in prison since March 2016. She’s been raising her four daughters on her own while he’s away, and this is shown on the RHONJ. Now he may even be deported back to Italy, but they are waiting for the verdict of their appeal. He’s set to be released this spring. Victoria says this all, of course, “affects them.” 

Victoria recently told People, “You know, with Teresa, let me tell you something, people think it doesn’t affect her kids. They see them singing and dancing and looking happy, but it affects them.” She added, “Trust and believe it affects them.”

Victoria said that Teresa is affected by it, and that she has changed a lot because of it. Victoria explained, “It affected Teresa greatly, too. She’s different. Having Joe away, and it’s just her and the kids home and the dad, it’s really affected her.”

Victoria has been supportive of her friend Teresa during this difficult time. Victoria said she spoke to Teresa about everything recently. “I said to her, ‘I don’t think you realize this but you’ve gone through so many changes since this happened with Joe since you got home and he went in. You’ve gone through mentally and physically so many things.’ And she’s like, ‘You think so?’ And I said to her, ‘What is this bodybuilding? What is it? What are you looking for? It’s like you’re searching for her round and round and round. But you don’t seem to find it.’ And she looked at me one day and said, ‘You know, you’re right.'”

Victoria said she’s gone through similar situations with her father and ex-husband being away. In the upcoming Lifetime film about her life, she said this will all be shown. Victoria said, “There’s one scene that you’ll see, it gives me the chills when you see it. All you see is the house is very quiet and it’s very early in the morning, but it looks to be late at night, and I’m standing by the window. And you just see Chelsea Frei, that actress playing me, looking out the window. And you see the FBI, everybody’s running out everywhere. I remember, it wasn’t quite like that but it was close. They rang the phone and said, ‘We’re here!’ I thought it was a joke. I said, ‘The FBI doesn’t ring the phone and tell you we’re here.’ But my husband calmly answered and said, ‘I’ll be right there.’ And I just ran to get the kids. Because the first thing you think about is the kids.”

I like the friendship that Victoria and Teresa have. I remember watching them on Celebrity Apprentice together! I agree that Teresa and her girls are affected deeply by this situation, of course. I do think Teresa has been going through a lot of changes because of this all. How could you not? However; I do think that Teresa will get through this because she’s so strong. I’m hoping Teresa and Joe work out. It’ll be hard, but I think they’ll be able to do it.

Thoughts on what Victoria had to say? Thoughts on the future of Teresa and Joe? Thoughts on the friendship Victoria and Teresa have? Thoughts on this season of the RHONJ? Share below!

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