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Spoiler Alert: Inside the RHOBH’s Craziest Season EVER!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills always brings the drama but this season they are kicking things up a notch.

Season 9, according to the show’s stars is the wildest and craziest season to date. So, buckle up bitches it’s about to go down in Beverly Hills.

“We’ve never had a season like this before,” Kyle Richards spills to OK! Magazine. “It’s been a really outrageous season, from, like the get-go. Usually, it’s like catching up [at first]. This was like ‘bam’ out of the gate.”

The drama is intensified with the addition of a new Housewife, Denise Richards, who starts off by warning fans to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Former RHOBH stars Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards make a small but epic return to show for season 9.

And according to Kyle, no one holds back this season: “It [was] a very wild and crazy ride!”

So let’s breakdown some of the BIGGEST spoilers for season 9 of RHOBH!

Bitter Fights

As we previously mentioned Kim Richards returns for season 9 but it turns out her comeback isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. According to sources, Kim makes an “explosive appearance” and “butts heads” with Denise over rumors. In fact, Kim says her fight with Denise stems over “a f**king lie.”

But don’t expect Denise to stand back and take it, she hits back hard at Kim.

Erika Girardi also goes hard on her co-stars and calls them out big time. Expect to see Erika drill Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp about “something serious.”

However, Kyle’s blowout with Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd takes the cake as the biggest fight of season 9. This fight will leave fans “speechless.”

Kyle warns: “This whole season is basically lies.”

Doggy Drama

It turns out that season 9 will be a rough one for Dorit Kemsley, who deals with rumors that she dumped an adopted puppy from Vanderpump Dogs at an animal shelter.

“Someone is hell-bent on getting this Dorit story out there,” Kyle explains. Lisa Vanderpump quickly finds herself in the hot seat when she gets accused of leaking the story to the press.

“They’re all trying to make me feel like a terrible person,” says LVP in the season 9 trailer as she shows off texts between Teddi and an unidentified person.

Unthinkable Heartbreak

Life gets really real in the 90210 this season when “friend” of the Housewives Camille Grammer loses her Malibu home in the Woolsey wildfire.

“I can’t believe it’s gone. I’m homeless,” says Camille, who also starts drama when she accuses Lisa Rinna of being a mean girl. However, it turns out Camille might not have been talking about Rinna after all as revealed by Kyle, Rinna, and Teddi during a recent episode of WWHL.

Another unthinkable loss occurs when Vanderpump’s older brother Mark dies suddenly of an apparent suicide.

“I was completely unprepared,” Vanderpump says of her brother’s death.

A Whole Lot of Love

While much of season 9 revolves around drama and heartbreak there is also plenty of love.

Wedding bells are ringing for Camille and Denise who both get remarried during season 9. Camille married her longtime love David C. Meyer in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, Denise married her boyfriend Aaron Phypers mere days after his divorce from actress, and Harry Hamlin’s ex-wife, Nicolette Sheridan, was finalized.

“I don’t know why she’s doing it so quickly,” LVP says to Kyle, who jokes, “Shotgun wedding?”

To get all ready for the season 9 premiere of RHOBH check out the trailer below!

Season 9 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres on Tuesday, February 12th at 9 p.m.! Join us on Twitter for the premiere!

Thoughts on the season 9 spoilers? Are you excited for RHOBH to return? Sound off below!

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