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Has Vicki Gunvalson Been Demoted To A Friend For Season 14?! Vicki Says No While Kelly Dodd Hints That the Rumors True!

The OG of the OC may be no more!

Rumor has it Vicki Gunvalson has been dropped down to a friend of the Housewives for season 14.

According to Reality Blurb, Jeff Lewis broke the shocking news on his radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, this past Friday.

Jeff even brought Vicki fellow Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd on to discuss the shocking news.

“Okay, so we’re going to just jump right into it. I have some breaking Bravo news,” Jeff told listeners on Friday, February 8th. “I have a few Housewives friends, and there were some rumors [that] were swirling that Vicki Gunvalson was going to be demoted as a friend on the Real Housewives of Orange County. So, I have Kelly Dodd on the line. I would like to ask her if she knows anything.”

Kelly didn’t deny the rumors which made it pretty clear that there’s a good chance they are true.

“Well, I cannot confirm nor deny. However, that’s the word on the street,” said Kelly.

Kelly’s non-denial seemed to give Jeff the confirmation he was looking for.

“So, she’s been demoted. Vicki Gunvalson has been demoted,” Jeff said. “I think the way she’s behaved and the things she has done, she doesn’t deserve our respect. And I’m glad she was demoted.”

This sentiment also rang true for Kelly, who made it clear she was very happy about Vicki’s demotion.

“Obviously I am too,” Kelly added.

As for why Vicki was demoted for season 14, Kelly hinted that it probably comes down to dollars and cents for Bravo. Vicki is after all the OG of the OC and would want to be paid the most out of the entire cast. If Vicki actually deserves that paycheck is another question entirely considering her stale storyline over the last several seasons.

“If I were NBCUniversal [Bravo’s parent company] or the higher-ups at Bravo, I would cut the bottom line. I wouldn’t be paying that b–ch that much money,” Kelly snarked. “When it comes down to it, she’s not worth that much.”

Jeff also pointed out that Kelly was NOT his source for this bombshell news.

“Just so everybody knows out there, Kelly did not reach out to me with this information. I heard this information and then reached out to Kelly and asked Kelly,” explained Jeff. “I started reading on Twitter that people were talking about it. And then I started texting my Bravo friends cause I had to find out.”

However, Kelly confirmed that Jeff did hear this news from one of her co-stars.

“You heard it from one of my co-workers. We won’t name names,” added Kelly. It should be pointed out that Jeff is very close to Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge so either one of them could have been the source.

On February 9th, Vicki denied the rumors and told fans that she is still “negotiating” her contract.

“Unless you hear it from me, then it’s simply a rumor. I am in negotiations,” Vicki tweeted.

Filming for season 14 has already begun and other Housewives including Kelly have already received their contracts so it seems odd that Vicki is still “negotiating.”

In the past, Bravo has demoted Housewives when they try to stall negotiations to get more money. Remember when Luann de Lesseps was demoted?

Despite Vicki’s claims, Kelly called her out on Instagram saying “We’ve started filming.” In fact, Kelly and Shannon were spotted filming for season 14 this weekend at the Quiet Woman. 

Furthermore, Kelly made it clear that the RHOC isn’t Vicki’s “baby” despite the OG of the OC’s claims otherwise.

“Really it was Scott Dunlop, not @Vicki baby there was 5 other OG’s,” Kelly told fans.

Meanwhile, Kelly talked more about Vicki’s RHOC demotion during Friday’s episode of Jeff Lewis Live.

Turns out Kelly thinks that it’s time for Vicki to walk away from the RHOC and not continue to hang on to the show for dear life.

“Why would you want to succumb yourself to being embarrassed about getting demoted? Allegedly. I cannot confirm or deny,” said Kelly. “Why would you continue to go on? It’s embarrassing. She has a job. She has something to fall back on. Why is she so dependent on wanting to be in the spotlight?”

Kelly also dropped another bombshell and revealed that once again Vicki has reported her to executives at Bravo.

According to Kelly, Vicki sent her a text message addressing their recent feud and she responded with a “pig emoji.” Vicki then sent a screenshot of their conversation to Bravo executives in hopes of getting Kelly fined.

“She sent it to production. She sent it to Bravo,” revealed Kelly. “I didn’t get fined. A conversation that she and I are having privately, why are you sending it to my superiors?”

If Vicki does return to RHOC, Kelly says she won’t be interacting with the OG of the OC.

“I don’t want to stoop down to her level anymore. If she is going to film with me, I’m going to walk away, I don’t want to engage with her,” Kelly stated. “I have nothing to say to that woman.”

As previously reported Vicki and Kelly’s feud started when Vicki set up Kelly’s ex-husband with one of her friends. Their issues escalated further at the season 13 reunion when Vicki accused Kelly of using cocaine and being a bad mom.

Thoughts on this latest rumor? Do you think Vicki has been demoted to a friend for season 14? Who do you think is Jeff’s RHOC source? Can RHOC survive without the OG of the OC? Is it time for Vicki to walk away from RHOC? Sound off below!

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