RHONJ: Watch Danielle Staub & Margaret Josephs Do Hilarious Impressions Of One Another!

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Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs initially were fast friends on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but they had a huge fallout this year. They’ve been fighting all season long. Even on Danielle’s wedding day, they got into an argument and Margaret almost left. Margaret ended up staying and was still in the wedding. However; the drama continued when they got back to New Jersey and when they later vacationed in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. They got into a fight at that dinner and Margaret ended up throwing a glass of wine at Danielle because she brought up Marge’s children. The two ladies have been throwing shade at one another and haven’t repaired their friendship yet.

Margaret recently said on Watch What Happens Live, “Well, she really, it goes below the belt. She talks about my children, my family. She needed to cool off, seriously.” Marge said on the after show, “She’s lucky that’s all I did, throw a glass of wine at her. It’s not that she brought up my kids don’t talk to me; she was saying vicious, hurtful things. For what? What does that have to do with her? That was not the context of the argument. That has nothing to do with why we don’t get along. That’s the only thing she could say to me? What does that have to do with our relationship?”

Meanwhile; Danielle has said that Margaret is “phony.” She told Us Weekly, “I think with Margaret, she’s not my kind of girl, so I don’t see a future with that. I was there when she needed me when she was new to the circle, and when I was working on getting myself married this season and all the drama a bride-to-be has, you lean on your friends and your bridesmaids, she’s not a girl’s girl. I think she’s 100 percent phony. She doesn’t have anything, she doesn’t bring anything, except for a loud mouth. I think she’s probably three seconds away from being an evil bitch.”

On a lighter note, they both have been laughing it off. On Bravo’s after show, Danielle and Margaret both did impressions of one another. It’s clear that they have spent time around each other! The producer even pointed out that their impressions of each other are pretty similar. LOL.

Watch their hilarious impressions of one another below:

I thought their impressions of one another were hilarious! I wonder if they will ever repair their friendship or not. They really hit it off initially and then it spiraled downhill this season. However; in the land of Real Housewives anything is possible. I’m excited for the last episodes of this season to air, and I’m really looking forward to the RHONJ reunion!

Thoughts on their impressions of each other? Will they repair their friendship? How are you liking this season of the RHONJ? Do you want Danielle to return full-time next season? Sound off below!

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