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RHONJ Recap: Heroines in Heels!

Happy almost Friday Jersey fans! We’ve almost reached the finish line but we still have some drama that needs addressed. Are you ready for it?

As you recall, we left off from the fight of the season with Danielle and Margaret hitting below the belt, wine being thrown, Danielle brainwashing Tre and Jennifer ready to kill Melissa in a bar fight. All caught up? Well we begin where we left off with Melissa’s badass line of “you’ve got the wrong effing girl” and Jennifer going from pampered posh housewife to straight up gangsta. What the actual hell here? Melissa and Jennifer are about to get into it so Melissa (wisely) decides to storms off with Tre following her. Dolores gets straight up gangster as well (which I personally love) and puts wasted Jennifer in her place which she needed to be. I can’t take drunk Jennifer and I hope she’s mortified after watching this footage.

Jackie, Marge and Melissa go to their room for a late night pig out session; however Melissa is too upset to eat and leaves to make peace with Tre instead. The two meet by the pool and while Teresa defends Jennifer, Melissa defends Margaret. Melissa doesn’t understand Tre’s blind loyalty to Danielle and Jennifer and Teresa explains that the whole husband accusation set her off as it hit a nerve.

Back in Jersey the ladies slowly come back to their sane lives which includes Margaret getting ready for her charity debut. Marge was all excited about her children’s hospital costume gowns; however was disappointed to find out that someone already thought of it. Instead of re-inventing the wheel Marge has decided to partner with her and will debut the line at an upcoming charity event.

Over at the Aydin estate, Jennifer admits that she is embarrassed about her behavior in Mexico and is afraid to tell her hubby about her horrid behavior. Luckily Bill laughs at the accusations of him cheating, but wasn’t laughing when Jennifer told her about the broken glass incident. Is anyone else a fan of Mr. Aydin? I love that he is level headed, hard working and isn’t afraid to let his wife know when she gets a case of the crazies. Preach on Bill!

Across town, Dolores is meeting up with her boyfriend (j’k) why would she be doing that? She’s meeting with her ex husband Frank of course! Frank brings up Teresa’s point that he may be holding Dolores back from moving forward in her relationship; however Dolores seems confused on what she wants. Being the good traditional Italian wife that she is, Dolores has never thought of herself and therefore is confused on what she wants in her life. I still see a lot of love between these two. Am I crazy for wanting them to get back together? I feel Dolores and Frank are a better couple that Dolores and her mysterious boyfriend.

In an equally awkward moment, Teresa is meeting with Margaret for lunch and Tre is standing firm that Margaret was wrong for dropping Danielle and for talking about Jennifer’s husband. I agree 100% about concocting rumors about infidelity but Danielle treated Margaret like s*it so I get why she dropped her like a hot potato. Teresa ends the conversation by not choosing sides and vowing to remain friends with both Danielle and Margaret. This whole namaste Tre is a whole new animal as if was season one tables would have been flipped.

Over in Jackie’s home, we pick up on the extremely random story line of Jackie reconnecting with her estranged sister. Jackie’s sister has no part of the show and we know nothing about their past so why is she reuniting on air and why are we, as viewers, supposed to care? Not trying to be cold here but this whole reunion between Jackie and her sister seems more like a desperate story line vs. being sincere. #Justsaying

The day of Margaret’s charity event is upon us and we have yet another family feud upon us as Marge invited both Jan and his estranged son Brett. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: What is with Jersey and family feuds? Why can’t we all just break bread and get along? The space for her event is stunning and it’s a great cause so I hope it drums up a lot of money. Since Marge partnered up with someone who already invented these hospital gowns I’m kinda confused on what her role in this endeavor is but either way I’m just glad to see money being raised for a cure.  Ready for something awkward? Margaret’s ex husband Jan comes bringing his girlfriend who is Super Joe’s ex wife’s best friend. Are you following this?? The four of them could have their on Bravo reality show.

The ladies arrive looking stunning and Margaret wisely bans Jennifer from drinking at her beautiful charity event. Jennifer arrives with her husband and saying it’s awkward is putting is nicely. Jennifer is clearly embarrassed about her behavior in Mexico and starts out by doing a tour de apologies. She first starts with Dolores who is the least intimidating and she practically grovels on her knees asking for forgiveness. Looks like Jennifer is pretty humble and a lot less cocky when she’s not partaking in libations. Dolores pardons her but suggests she get right with Melissa as that’s the person who she really wronged. Jennifer musters up enough courage to face Melissa and once again begs for forgiveness. Melissa doesn’t budge as easily as Dolores but ends up giving her a pass due to her humility.

We end the episode with a tearjerker as we see the children who overcame cancer and hear their stories. I totally teared up and love that money is being raised for such an amazing cause. The event ends up raising $25K so for once we end on a positive note.

Next week we see a Turkish anniversary party and men getting thrown in pools. Looking forward to it? I know I am!

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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