Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis And Gage Edward Split

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Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis and his boyfriend Gage Edward have broken up after being together for almost 10 years! Jeff revealed the split on his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live. They are raising their two-year-old daughter Monroe together. Jeff revealed that Gage had moved out of their home the night before. He said, “I’ve been putting up with his bulls*** for months now. There is so much anger he has lost sight of the good things. This has been a long time coming. We were in separate rooms a significant portion of last year, so it was kind of like a roommate situation.” Jeff also revealed that they were physical sometimes.

Jeff explained, “We were like friends with benefits. We would still hook up, inconsistently. I was still encouraged, like, ‘There’s still something here, he’s still interested in me.’ But there was a real lack of intimacy because he wasn’t in my room. So I actually felt very lonely and sad and disappointed.”

According to The Daily Mail, Jeff had enough with their situation. Jeff said, “That arrangement doesn’t work for me. I already feel tortured by this, for months, and months, and months. I said to him, ‘I want to be very clear, I’m not throwing you out. I’m not breaking up with you. I’m here. You need time and space to get perspective.” There is still a chance that the two could reconcile. He explained, “I hope he gets the clarity and perspective he needs. There’s so much anger that he has lost sight of the good things. Every time we have one of these discussions, it’s so overwhelmingly negative. I have a very different perspective. Last year was hell, but I remember nine pretty solid years. We had some fun. So I said to him, ‘I encourage you to work through that resentment and focus on the positive things because there could be more to come.'”

Gage is currently staying in a hotel and Monroe is living with Jeff. He stated, “I’m hoping that the guy wakes up. I’m hoping that he sits in his hotel room, misses his family, starts focusing on the positive, and stops focusing on the negative. That’s what I’m really hoping.” Jeff felt the split coming for a long time. “For many, many, many months I was like, ‘F*** it. It’s happening. We’re breaking up. It’s a matter of time.’ I didn’t help matters any, at all. I didn’t fight for the relationship. I didn’t work for the relationship,” he said.

Their child is biologically Jeff’s. They had made several embryos from both of them, but used Jeff’s first. He was asked about a custody arrangement and he said, “I don’t even want to go there. ” He had also mentioned on his show, “I’m now a single dad ’cause the baby is with me.”

They had never married yet. Last October Jeff had said on Watch What Happens Live that he was thinking about proposing. He said, “I mean, I’m not going to propose to him on air, but I’m considering it. I think Gage is probably shocked right now.” He had also shared that they wanted to add to their family.

I’m surprised to see these two split. I hope they work everything out for the sake of their daughter. Whatever happens, they have to do what is best for her!

Are you shocked that Jeff and Gage have split? Will they reconcile? Thoughts on what Jeff had to say? Sound off below!

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