Margaret Josephs Says Danielle Staub Is “Implants On A Stick,” Isn’t Surprised Her Marriage Ended, Plus Explains Why She Threw Red Wine On Her!

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Margaret Josephs, of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is dishing on the New Jersey drama. She recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and she talked about all of the drama on the RHONJ! After they took a trip away from home in New Jersey, their Mexican vacation quickly turned crazy. On the recent episode, they had a lot to discuss during this appearance. Margaret opened up about why she threw the wine on Danielle and said that she wasn’t surprised her marriage ended. She also said that she is not jealous of Danielle, despite that Danielle’s soon to be ex-husband, Marty Caffrey told the guys that on the show!

For starters, was Margaret surprised that Danielle’s marriage ended? No! Margaret answered right away, “On a scale of zero to ten, zero!” She added, “I was that surprised.”

What kind of guy does she think Danielle should find? Well, she thinks she should be single for awhile. “I don’t think she should find any guy, I think she should just be single for a long time. But if she has to find somebody, he should be 90 with one foot on a banana peel,” Margaret said.

Margaret had heard about what Marty and Danielle had been saying and now she’s watched it on the show. She said she is not jealous of anyone. Margaret said, “Listen, that’s Danielle speaking through Marty. You know, that Margaret is jealous of me and everything else. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I mean she’s, you know, implants on a stick. And she looks like a turtle out of its shell half the time. Not to be mean. And you know on a good day she looks fabulous, but she’s had a lot of stuff done and I would never be jealous of anyone. I’m very blessed.” Marge did like that her husband was defending her, though!

Margaret got so upset on their vacation that she threw red wine on Danielle. It turns out it wasn’t even Margaret’s glass of wine – it was co-star Dolores Catania’s! So why did she throw the red wine? Marg said, “She really you know it goes below the belt. She talks about my children, about my family. She needed to cool off, seriously. I don’t even drink, so I had to grab Dolores’ wine and just throw it right in her face – on her rented dress.”

Watch what Margaret had to say in this clip:

I love the RHONJ! They are really bringing the drama and fun this season. That was a crazy episode and a crazy scene. I understand why Margaret was upset with Danielle for talking about her family and children. Those are things that are supposed to be off limits. I think Marg just got so worked up that she grabbed the glass of red wine sitting there and threw it on her. I don’t think Marg is jealous of Danielle like Marty was implying during the show. I don’t know if Danielle and Margaret will ever rekindle their friendship at this point. They are taking a lot of jabs at one another. However; there is always hope! They had such a nice friendship last season, it would be nice if they could get back to that place.

Thoughts on everything Margaret had to say? Thoughts on the fight? Thoughts on Marg throwing the red wine on Danielle? Is Margaret jealous of Danielle? Will they ever repair their friendship? Sound off below!

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