Let’s Discuss the Epic RHONJ Fight! Whose Side Are You On?

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Last night we finally saw the overly promoted, epic RHONJ fight and it did not disappoint. So what happened? Let’s recap!

The dinner started out with the Jersey ladies looking lovely enjoying a beautiful exotic scenery (as these dinners all start out.) Things had been tense between Margaret and Danielle the entire trip as their friendship had practically vanished by this point and you know when drama is going to reach a boiling point, it’s going to be at dinner. Things took a turn when Danielle told Margaret that the reason she never sees her children (or grandchildren) is her own fault and goes on to say that no one knows Margaret’s children as they are never with her.

After being poked multiple times, Margaret unleashed her anger by throwing wine on Danielle which unleashed the beast, and ended with Danielle having to be physically restrained:

In her talking head, Dolores says what all of us are thinking: Children are off limits (even if they are adults) and I think it’s obvious that Danielle was doing everything she could to poke the bear. No one (including myself) understands Teresa’s blind loyalty to Danielle as we all know if anyone brought up anyone in her family she would have gone ballistic just like Margaret

It didn’t end there as after Marge stormed off the remainder of the ladies got in a fight….about the fight. The ladies were trying to get through Teresa’s head that she is under the spell of Danielle and end up arguing about who was wrong in this scenario. In my opinion they all were. Marge makes many below the belt comments so she’s not angel but Danielle is as crazy as they come. We end with Melissa and Jennifer arguing about who threw a glass at Melissa which ends with Melissa yelling the infamous line: “You’re arguing with the wrong f**king girl”:

Thoughts on the episode? Let’s discuss!

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