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Albie Manzo Slams Haters & Reveals New Business Plan!

We first met Albie, son of Caroline Manzo, as the handsome eldest child of the tight knit family who had aspirations to become a lawyer. When his law school goals did not pan out, we saw him attempt to go into the restaurant business and of course make some money in reality TV on Manzo’d With Children. So what is Albie up to now? Well he’s glad you asked.

After getting some flack from fans about his nontraditional career path, Albie revealed a new business he has been working on a partnership with, a company called Bloom & Birch. Apparently the company sells “real roses that last over a year without any water or sunlight.” Intrigued? Well mama Caroline Manzo is who encouraged followers to “Follow along and spread some love and kindness.”

Albie explained the reason he partnered with the company saying:

“I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. Very happy to introduce you guys to my latest brand [Bloom & Birch] in partnership with some very close friends of mine. They’re real roses that last over a year without any water or sunlight. I am insanely excited about this project [and] very grateful to everyone involved that’s made it a reality. I wanted to be a part of something that would make people smile [and] I hope that’s what this line will do. Find us online at or at our pop up [Nordstrom Palo Alto]. I’m insanely excited about this company and truly hope you guys come to enjoy the product as much as I have [and] support us.”

As for those haters? Albie had a response to them as well saying:

“On a side note, I usually don’t pay much attention to the comments but a lot of talk lately about what I do for a living. I made a decision about 4 years ago that when I went out on my own I would keep my mouth shut, work hard, let my actions respond for me [and] the rest would come. What I’ve learned since that decision is that real progress comes in silence [and] insecurities are loud, I’m very happy to say this will be one of several things to show you guys in the coming months that I’ve kept a lid on. I’m gonna get off the floor now.”


People find success in different ways and at different times in their life so I don’t understand why people are so hard on him. Sure, Albie is very fortunate to come from an affluent family but he’s not getting arrested or sitting on the couch all day. As for his new business venture? I’m a little skeptical, but intrigued about a flower that doesn’t need water to survive. It would sure save men a lot of money if it works!

Thoughts on Albie’s newest business project? Thoughts on him addressing the haters?

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