Jennifer Aydin And The Ladies Set The Record Straight About The RHONJ Drama Surrounding The Necklace!

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This season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is really heating up. The ladies recently took a vacation to Mexico; and the tequila and the sun sure made the ladies get fired up. Jennifer Aydin is a fan of gift giving, and she’s the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to drama, zingers and entertainment on the show. This season Jennifer gave Jackie Goldschneider a “shady dagger” when she gave her RHONJ co-stars gifts from Turkey. On the last episode Margaret Josephs orchestrated a thoughtful gift for Teresa Giudice from the cast. Jennifer called the necklace given to Teresa by the group “f***king ugly” after she realized that the ladies didn’t buy it from her brother’s jewelry store that is located on Long Island. It ended up being a heated dinner in Cabo San Lucas!

After Jennifer made that remark, the ladies were all in shock. Dolores Catania even said right then and there, “That’s not nice, Jennifer.” Margaret then told Jennifer that it was bad manners. Margaret recently told Bravo’s After Show, “I don’t even know Jennifer’s brother, and she probably thought that we should give him the business. But I cleared it with her. She said she was gonna chip in for the necklace.” However; Jennifer said that she agreed to chip in for the gift, not knowing that it was jewelry. Jennifer explained, “She didn’t even say the world jewelry.” Jennifer also noted that it was a phone call from Margaret, not written in a text, and she thinks she was busy with her kids when she got that call. She said if she had known than she would’ve suggested that they get it from her brother’s jewelry store. Jennifer also added that her brother would’ve given them a good deal. “But knowing that it was jewelry, it kind of hurt my feelings,” Jennifer said. Furthermore; Jennifer said that it didn’t so much upset her that they didn’t go to her brother, it bothered her that they asked her to chip in for it when she could’ve given that business to her brother.

Margaret and Jackie said that Margaret’s jeweler lives right down the block from her, which is why it made sense to go there and not all the way to Long Island. Melissa Gorga added, “I don’t like how she made it about her. Like we were there to give Teresa a gift. You know it was about Teresa being strong and achieving her goal.” During the episode at the dinner table, Margaret did say they told Jennifer it was jewelry. Jennifer replied that she thought they meant “costume” jewelry. However; Jennifer explained in the after show that jewelry wasn’t mentioned to her when Margaret called.

Does Jennifer regret making that comment? Apparently not! Jennifer said, “No, I don’t regret saying it because in the heat of the moment, I was so angry that I wanted to make a point. I told Teresa afterwards I did not think it was ugly. It was a beautiful necklace. But I did want to make a point, and I thought that saying the necklace was ugly was the best way to do it. I wasn’t so upset that they didn’t go to my brother to get the necklace; I was upset that they expected me to chip in when we could have given my brother the business.” Jennifer also explained that her brother took over her family’s jewelry business and legacy, so she said her brother is now the breadwinner of the family and for her parents. She said that if her brother wasn’t doing good financially than that would effect her parents, so it bothered her to not give him the business.

So did Jennifer end up chipping in for it? According to Margaret she never did!

Margaret explained, “FYI she never did chip in for the necklace. I never got the money from her. I laid out the extra money. Fact.”

Watch the clip below of the ladies discussing the incident:

Wow! This was an explosive episode. I don’t think that Jennifer should’ve said that the necklace was ugly. I think she just blurted it out and said it out of anger. I’m glad to hear that she called Teresa and told her that it wasn’t ugly and explained why she was hurt to Tre. It was a special gift for Teresa for her accomplishments. I think it was very sweet of Margaret and the ladies. It’s the thought that counts! (But they went above and beyond with a beautiful piece of jewelry.) I don’t think Margaret or any of the ladies were trying to snub Jennifer’s jeweler brother, I don’t think they even realized. I’m sure they will all get over this!

Thoughts on this whole necklace situation? Are you surprised at how Jennifer reacted? Thoughts on what Jennifer and the ladies had to say? Are you shocked that Margaret said Jennifer never paid her? Sound off below!

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