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Frank Catania Calls Teresa Giudice an ‘Animal’ After Fitness Competition!

Tre may have landed third place in her fitness competition but coach Catania couldn’t be more proud!

Frank dished to Page Six on how he was pleasantly surprised about Teresa’s dedication and how he originally didn’t think she had it in her:

“Teresa is an animal and that’s in a good way,” Frank recently told Page Six. “I did not think that Teresa had it in her. I didn’t think she was going to make it to the show. I’m not going to lie. She listened to every single thing I said and didn’t vary whatsoever. I would get text messages from her at 11:30 at night. I’d get text messages from her at 4 o’clock in the morning. I don’t think the woman ever slept. And in between all this, she’s taking care of her daughters and she’s obviously filming and handling all of her other ventures. I was pleasantly surprised by Teresa.”

After seeing Tre at the vineyard not drinking, Frank admitted that he didn’t know she “had the willpower.”

On how he ended up working with Tre, Frank explained that:

“Dolores brought her to me when she was three and a half weeks out from her show. She had been training for about eight weeks before that and Teresa had lost like three pounds. And from looking at her the first time I looked at her she came to my office with Dolores, I asked her to get into a bikini let me take a look at her and Teresa still had close to 20 pounds to get rid of in order for her to be stage ready. So I gotta be honest, I never thought she was going to be ready. I never thought of that. So I found it as a hell of a challenge.”

I really don’t think Tre could have pushed herself any harder as she was lean as they come! Frank admits he wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, admitting the sport isn’t exactly safe, saying:

“It is the most unhealthy sport out of every sport out there because what you have to do to your body and deplete your body of everything that it requires, that they get on stage is so unhealthy. It really is. So I would not recommend to anyone to continue it. And if you’re looking for a goal, you can do it to step on stage or do one, two, three, four shows over a period of time. But to try to do it consistently over the year to that extent is unhealthy.”

I loved seeing the team of Frank and Teresa and prefer Frank over many of the other Jersey husbands. I think they made a great team and am proud of Tre for ‘staying strong.’

Thoughts on Frank’s comments?

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