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RHONJ Recap: Mudslinging in Mexico

Happy (almost) Friday Jersey fans! We’re going south of the border this episode which is much needed as it’s pretty gray and depressing in Jersey (and elsewhere) this time of year.

Before Mexico we have some business to take care of in Jersey. Case in point? We’ve got some muscles to show off and there is going to be very little left to the imagination. Tre’s bikini is more itty bitty than the OC’s Tamara’s so it’s a good thing she’s at about zero percent body fat.

Margaret, Melissa and Jackie meet across town to look at a gift for Tre which is a very sweet gesture. They end up purchasing a necklace with the word ‘strong’ on it and I find it touching and appropriate for Tre. Well done ladies!

Meanwhile, Jennifer and her daughter Olivia are visiting Mr. Aydin at his place of employment and it looks like a very nice office. I can see why he’s raking in that money! Bill is clearly uncomfortable with Jennifer taking so many girls trips and I think bringing some changes into this (very) traditional marriage may be a positive thing here. Jennifer is nervous for the Cabo trip as she and tequila don’t mix and she is still upset about Margaret’s rude remarks about her brother. I think it’s safe to say that it’s just not tequila as Jennifer and alcohol have a very rocky relationship.

Judgement day is almost upon us and Frank is working to get Tre in tip top shape. I’m shocked at how ripped Tre is and somewhere Andy Cohen is trembling, hoping she doesn’t push him at this reunion. The topic of Dolores comes up and the two agree that Frank and Dolores are comfortable with each other; however feel it may be holding Dolores back from having a real relationship.

Over at Margaret’s, she is having her own family drama as she is attempting to bridge the gap between her ex husband Jan and his son. What is with Jersey and family feuds? Doesn’t Jackie have one too? We need to bring back Dr. V as apparently everyone in Jersey desperately needs her…

Across town Melissa is dealing with (you guessed it) more family drama! Melissa is going to reveal to her mother the potential of a secret sister and I think it’s safe to say that housewives has officially turned into a soap opera. Luckily Melissa’s sisters loosen Mrs. Marco up; however now she is too drunk for Melissa to spill the beans. Melissa musters up enough courage to reveal what the Jersey medium hinted about her father and naturally Mrs. Marco denies it. Melissa is keeps insisting that there may be some truth to it and after thinking it over (and a sip of her martini) Mrs. Marco gives Melissa her blessing.

Meanwhile, Marge is getting ready to launch her children’s hospital gown line and personally I love this concept. The theme is for her party is ‘pop art’ and the invitations look great. Margaret comes off as tough as nails but has a soft spot inside as she is clearly emotional about helping children. Marge further attempts to go for her sainthood as she is planning on inviting Brett and Jan to the event in an attempt to bury their hatchet.

The muscle competition is upon us and we see Frank Sr. getting handy’s with Tre but it’s worth it as she looks amazing. Frankie ends up getting first place in his division while Tre gets third. I’m sure Tre was disappointed about not landing first but I really don’t think she could have trained any harder or been more dedicated so she should be proud.

Now that the work is over the ladies are ready to play and Melissa is dressing the part. Tre is ready to get her drink on; however the majority of the ladies are worried about how Danielle will do on the trip. The ladies arrive in beautiful Cabo and their spirits can’t be dampened by a little drizzle. The resort is stunning and Tre did a great job on dividing up the room situation so there were no temper tantrums. Luckily Tre took a bullet for the team and volunteered to room with Danielle. Good luck girl!

Melissa, Marge and Jackie share a suite and can’t help but wonder what weird allegiance Tre has to Danielle (same question I have.) Melissa feels it’s Teresa’s way to apologize for the table flipping incident but I feel Tre is over doing it. Danielle’s behavior is inexcusable and I wish Tre would call her out once in awhile.

The ladies are ready to fiesta and have Tre’s gift ready. If we’re being honest, I would have changed the font along with font size of the word ‘strong’ on the necklace (but that’s just my taste.) At dinner, Jennifer brings her A game by ordering tequila on the rocks which is never a good idea if you’re over the age of 21.

Tre is presented with her gift and Jennifer is instantly insulted that they didn’t go to her brother as he is a jeweler. Jennifer is clearly feeling the alcohol as she makes Teresa’s gift all about herself and calls the necklace ugly. Just when I was starting to like Jennifer she has to go all “Oklahoma Jen” on us and I’m kinda disgusted at how rude she was. Between Margaret’s ugly remarks and Jennifer’s rudeness I’m over both of them. The scene is cringe worthy and Melissa is mortified that the Jersey ladies are once again making Americans looks like loud, drunk idiots. Same behavior, different country!

We must be in the twilight zone as Danielle is the voice of reason and takes a drunk Jen out of the situation as it’s clearly escalating quickly. With Danielle no longer at the table Tre talks the Margaret/Danielle feud and ends up leaving the table to check on Jen and Danielle. Danielle takes any chance she can get to put down Margaret and I’m kinda shocked at how loyal Teresa is to Danielle as we all know she would turn on her in a second.

Next week we see the infamous drink throwing/glass breaking scene so stay tuned!

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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