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David Beador’s Girlfriend, Lesley Cook, Has A Meltdown In Walmart; Tells Store Worker She Lives In a $15M Home!

Yikes, David Beador‘s girlfriend, Lesley Cook, had a major meltdown in Walmart!

In a clip that Lesley filmed and posted herself, she can be seen freaking out on a store employee. The Walmart employee looked through Lesley’s cart and asked to see her receipt, which is standard procedure in most Walmart’s.

Lesley freaks out on the store employee and asks to see her manager; claiming that the employee is accusing her of stealing.

The employee explains to her manager that Lesley didn’t have her receipts, which Lesley denies and says she has in her hands.

“Do I look like someone who would steal?” Lesley screams. “Yes, I did show it to you and you kept pulling them out of the cart and embarrassing me like I didn’t fucking buy them.”

However, Lesley’s tirade didn’t end there.

“This lady is off her rocker,” Lesley says to the store manager. “She just starts pulling shit out of here; saying I didn’t buy them as I was leaving.”

“I live in a $15 million home in Laguna Beach, is this a fucking joke right now? I will get my lawyer here in two fucking minutes” Lesley screams.  “I’m going to call the police department.”

Then Lesley posts the clip to her Instagram and captions the post, “This just happened at @Walmart in Irvine. First, I should say I haven’t shopped @Walmart in years. It’s like walking through a thriller video. I was in the area and honestly seconded guessed shopping there as Walmart is a depressing look store.”

This lady is a snob in a half! And so rude! Hope you know what you signed up for David!

Thoughts on Lesley’s meltdown? Was Lesley out of line? Is Lesley acting like a snob, boasting about her $15M home? Sound off below!

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