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Let’s Discuss Vanderpump Rules: Should James Kennedy be Given Another Chance?

DJ James Kennedy has quickly become the villain this season of Vanderpump Rules. The self-described White Kanye has made enough enemies and displayed enough bad behavior to get himself fired and lose nearly all of his friends.

Lisa Vanderpump finally decided enough was enough and had him fired, only to have his mother beg for his job back (for details click here.)Despite having sympathy for James as he helps support his entire family, Lisa felt she had to stand by Katie and all of the other women he had insulted and as a result, he lost his infamous ‘C U Next Tuesday’ gig.

Despite Katie’s ultimatum, Lisa and her business partners worried how firing James would affect SUR from a financial standpoint, as his Tuesday gig was one of their biggest money makers. While the female SUR-vers want nothing to do with him, from a business standpoint there was the concern that it would be a mistake to fire him.

In spite of losing his friends and job, many of his VPR co-stars weren’t satisfied as they also wanted his girlfriend Raquel to dump him, due to the mounting evidence of his infidelities.

It seems that the only people that wouldn’t give up on him are Lisa Vanderpump, who even went to check on him at his apartment and Lala who for some reason can’t seem to quit him:

The question remains: Should James Kennedy be given another chance? Some say his behavior is on par with the other SUR-Vers (let’s be honest, none of them are angels!) On the other hand, there seems to be a pattern with James that he gets drunk, acts horribly, apologizes and then messes up again. From a business standpoint, it would seem to be a huge loss to fire James; however to Lisa’s point, if they keep him, the SUR brand may suffer as his words towards women are horrible. If the other SUR-Vers are given multiple chances should James as well, or has he used all of his ‘get out of jail free’ cards?

What are your thoughts? Should Lisa Vanderpump fire James once and for all or should he be given another chance to get sober and prove himself?

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