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RHONJ Recap – From Turkey With Love!

Hello Jersey fans! Things are heating up in the garden state so let’s get started-

We start out with Jennifer packing for Turkey for her brother’s engagement party. There is an awkward conversation between Jennifer and her husband as her husband apparently didn’t think the article that Jackie wrote was that bad. I felt for Jennifer as it has to be hard with her husband not having her back; however her husband seems very level headed so perhaps he was just trying to play fair. At the end of the day I’m still #TeamJen so don’t worry girl –  I got your back!

Dolores and Frank are looking at the home they flipped and it is expected to sell quickly. Frank Jr. is along for the ride and has to put up with his father who is re-living his glory days through his son. Frank Jr. has grown into a overall great guy as he reminds his father that Dolores put her family before herself her entire life and now it’s time that she comes first. Can we all agree that Frank Jr. is a sweetie?

Tre and Jackie meet for the obligatory post argument cup of coffee. Jackie feels she may have disrespected Tre but also wants Tre to apologize to her (which ain’t happening.) Jackie throws out that her father was “away” however in a recent tweet we found out it was a bit misleading (for story click here.) Lucky for Jackie, Tre is “namaste Teresa” and no tables were flipped this time. Tre is skeptical of Jackie as this is her second strike but is prepared to move forward (for now.)

Teresa is meeting Frank and Frankie for a workout as Frankie is competing in the same competition and Frank is now training her. Frank is a killer coach and I don’t think I would last 15 minutes in his workout. Tre reveals that Frank is the only man that can train her, otherwise Joe Giudice would flip behind bars. Frank is ‘in it to win it’ as he want Tre to lose 12 lbs. I think all viewers are wondering where the hell these 12 lbs are coming from as Tre is solid muscle at this point!

Across the world, Jennifer is in Turkey connecting with her roots and proves she doesn’t need 16 bathrooms to be happy. Her family has a cozy apartment and Jennifer seems just as happy there as she does in her NJ mansion. Where were these manners when she was in Oklahoma?? It’s sweet seeing her with her brother and future sister in law as we definitely see Jennifer living up to her tagline: Obsessed with family, tradition and Chanel!

Back in Jersey, Melissa and Joey take their kids to dinner and Joey is being his usual misogynist self by insulting his wife’s business. Antonia has mentioned she would like to take over her mothers boutique and Joey does everything he can to belittle it, including telling her she will never make money doing it. I think it’s sweet that Antonia wants to make envy a family business and feel Joey should support his daughter’s dream, along with supporting his wife.

Margaret and her eccentric housekeeper are packing goodie bags and the scene reminds me just how much anxiety Margaret’s house gives me. I’m obsessed with organization and Margaret’s house always seems to be a disaster. I would flip if I lived like that, but to each their own. Jackie and Melissa stop by and start by gossiping about Jennifer and I am starting to get a ‘mean girl’ vibe from Jackie. The conversation switches to Danielle and her Bridezilla attitude and all ladies agree that Danielle is a ‘wackadoo.’ Apparently Danielle wrote Margaret some nasty texts and Margaret did the logical thing by cutting Danielle out of her life. Smart move Marge!

Across town, Dolores is giving back to the community by throwing a glam even for a local women’s shelter. Teresa stops by to support her friends and Margaret did the swag bags. I love how Dolores gives back and it seems to come from a genuine place as opposed to just doing it for the cameras. Needless to say I’m a Dolores fan this season and feel she is one of the more generous housewives. Jackie and Melissa come to support as well and it’s emotional seeing all the survivors tell their story and get some much needed R&R. Despite the fact that it’s a charity event the girls can’t help but gossip about Jennifer’s family and her brother’s engagement. Margaret seems to have a serious problem with Jennifer’s brother and future sister in law and I’m a little put off that Margaret is being so judgmental. Other cultures view marriage different than Americans and I felt her jokes came off as mean vs. funny.

Back in Turkey, the party is on and this so called “engagement party” looks more like a wedding. I’ve never seen a ‘promise of engagement’ party and its’ apparent that family is everything. The party is beautiful, food looks delicious and the Turkish celebration yell (can’t remember what it’s called) seems to get the party started. Jennifer’s family seems lovely and you can definitely see a different side to Jennifer when she is with her family vs. in her home of many thrones.

Back in NJ, Dolores and Jennifer come to casa Giudice to visit with Tre and Nonno. Tre decides to stir the pot by telling Jennifer what Margaret said about her future sister in law which doesn’t sit well with her. Jennifer now has beef with Margaret and Jackie and it comes down to a line in the sand between the old school Divas (Tre, Dolores and Jen) vs. the modern ladies (Jackie, Melissa & Margaret.)

More drama to come next week so be sure to come back to AllAboutTRH to discuss!

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