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Porsha Williams Says She Was “Setup” After Being Kicked Out Of Kandi Burruss Tucker’s Party!

There is a lot of drama going down right now in Hotlanta!

Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss Tucker, stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, are not the best of friends right now. On the most recent episode of RHOA, Porsha attended Kandi’s husband’s 45th birthday party. However; it ended with Porsha getting kicked out by security. Now Porsha thinks that she was “setup” and that there was actually more to her confrontation with fiancé Dennis McKinley’s ex than just coincidence.

According to Porsha and People, she and Dennis were having a good time at the party until they noticed one of her former employees, Jami Ziegler, “circling me with this girl” whom she quickly recognized was her fiancé’s most recent ex. The same one that Kandi has brought up before as having dated him until just a few weeks prior. This is why she’s always mentioning the timeline of Porsha’s relationship with Dennis. Porsha admits that she got upset when his ex tried to kiss him on the cheek. “Y’all about to do this in my face?” she recalled. “I was like, ‘No, don’t walk away, like what are y’all talking about?”

The story and version of events is different, depending on who you ask. Porsha was either asked to leave when she and her soon-to-be-husband were already on their way out or they were kicked out of the party and were dragged out by security. Kandi didn’t see any of this happen. She wasn’t right there when it went down. However; she claims she wasn’t aware of what was going down at the time, but explained, “What I was told she was following behind her, the girl was walking away. I don’t have time to have you acting out just because you don’t like your boyfriend talking to somebody he used to date. Like, get over it.” She was happy that things didn’t get more aggressive. “I think she would have been even more upset if she had gotten in a fight with the girl and either got arrested or if it was all over the blogs.”

Porsha doesn’t feel that Kandi cared about her and her safety at all. Porsha said, “I told Kandi as soon as it happened that her team had kicked me out of her party. To not even check and come out or call later or anything, and then put all this horrible stuff in the blogs—sounds like a setup, smells like a setup, it is a set up!” When confronted by the other Real Housewives, Kandi said that Porsha owed her an apology.

During the episode Kandi said, “The point of this conversation is you’re not my f—ing friend. You are always the aggressor and then become the victim.” Porsha clapped back, “I’m nobody’s victim b—.” The episode is “to be continued.”

Porsha told People, “Everybody has a past. Of course he’s going to have exes. But that’s just who they are, exes! It’s the past. Whatever happened before Porsha doesn’t matter to me at all.” After the party, the news of what happened was all over the gossip blogs, which reported that Porsha had been kicked out. She felt that the whole fiasco was a setup.

Porsha said, “They put out a story that I literally beat up a girl at the party and then security dragged me out of there. I wasn’t even drinking that night. I’m pregnant, I’m with child. Somebody decided to bring this ex that Kandi’s been talking about straight over to Dennis to kiss him on his cheek in front of me. I told Kandi as soon as it happened that her team has kicked me out of her party. To not even check and come out or call later or anything? And then put all this horrible stuff on the blogs? It sounds like a set up, it smells like a set up. It is a setup!”

Kandi said, “I did not see what was going on with Porsha but from what I heard, she was following behind the girl — the girl was walking away. I don’t have time for you acting out just because you don’t like your boyfriend talking to somebody you used to date. Like, get over it.” Kandi told her RHOA co-stars, “I was told that she was ’bout to fight. Y’all know her. You think she just walked up on the ex girlfriend who she does not know and was like, ‘We need to talk’ calmly? And her man is standing right there?” Kandi didn’t call Porsha after, because she said, “In my mind, after the party was over, I was like, ‘That’s just drama. I ain’t got time for her not knowing how to act out in public. So in my mind, you should be calling me to apologize for acting out.”

The RHOA ladies always bring the drama and the tea! I can’t wait for the next episode.

Do you think Porsha was setup? Thoughts on this all? Should Kandi have called to apologize? Should Porsha have apologized? Can Porsha and Kandi ever have a friendship? Sound off below!

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