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Did Danielle Staub’s Return to RHONJ Cause Her Split With Marty Caffrey? Plus, Danielle Reveals Why Marty’s Kids Never Liked Her!

Marty Caffrey blames his doomed marriage to Danielle Staub on her return to the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In a statement to Page Six Marty says “things were going extremely well between us” until Danielle jumped back into the world of reality TV.

Danielle was an original cast member of RHONJ but left after season two. Ultimately Danielle took a five-season break from RHONJ but chose to jump back into the drama during season 8 and 9.

“As we approached the wedding, and the filming of Season 9 began, she changed. Instead of our relationship, it became more about the cameras. She began to think she was more important than everybody else.”

In fact, Marty says filming their wedding is what ultimately ruined their relationship.

“Filming the wedding appears to be the main thing that ruined us. It became more about the cameras, the show, the party, the attention she was getting and very little about the ceremony and the marriage and what we were really there for.”

Adding, “Danielle wants to reconcile with me, but I’m not sure there is a path forward. We’ll see.”

Meanwhile, Marty isn’t the only one who has issues with Danielle’s reality TV personality. It turns out his three children never took a liking to Danielle at all, mostly due to her on-air persona.

During this week’s episode of RHONJ, Danielle revealed that Marty’s kids hate her so much that they stopped talking to him. The RHONJ star is now elaborating in a statement to Page Six.

“They had a perception of me because they’re fans of the show and that’s why they didn’t like me,” she told Page Six, pointing out that “his children are in their mid- to late 30s. One has a child of their own, and the other two don’t even live in the state of New Jersey.”

“His son was very supportive,” she added. “That’s the nicest thing I can say. He ended up apologizing to me for his and his sister’s behavior towards me in front of my children and their significant others … he came and apologized the night before I got married and that took a very good person to do that and admit his wrongdoing and that they were trying to destroy my relationship with their father. I appreciated that. I respect that and I still talk to him to this day. He’s a good man and a good person. Listen, I’m all about the apology.”

Seems like it may be a little too late for apologies as Danielle and Marty are currently in the midsts of an ugly divorce.

Thoughts on Marty and Danielle’s comments? Do you think RHONJ is to blame for Marty and Danielle divorce? Did Danielle’s ego get overinflated? Did Danielle care more about the wedding and less about her marriage? Are you surprised Marty’s kids don’t like Danielle? Sound off below!

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