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RHONJ Recap: Brunch Gone Bad

Happy Holidays New Jersey fans! Tis’ the season for awkward family gatherings so is isn’t it appropriate that we are back in Jersey?

Margaret is having a fabulous brunch for all the ladies and it’s looking like something right up my alley, mimosas pj’s and all. All of the NJ ladies are in attendance and you know sh*t is about to go down as Jackie and Melissa are already talking about Tre the second they come in the door. Not only that, but Danielle and Dolores will be in the same room so this brunch is sure to turn into ‘rumble in the jungle’ Jersey edition.

The ladies are doing some face masks (that I’m pretty sure are from CVS) minus Danielle and Melissa who have sensitive skin. Things turn awkward when Dolores turns into the peanut gallery by making snide comments about Danielle and Melissa which opens up the flood gates. Jackie gets involved because she needs a story line  and Tre gives an amazing insult by putting the girl who has been here for 5 minutes in her place.

This argument is going nowhere as Jackie wants to be a housewife  won’t stop talking about what she thinks about Tre and her family, and Tre isn’t exactly the best at proving her point. I admit that Jackie has a valid point about Tre being unable to control her husband but girl has been here a hot second so newbie needs to calm down! Jackie proves she has balls of steel as she also gets into it with Danielle which is never a smart move. Danielle is someone who you definitely do not want on your bad side. Danielle can’t understand what Jackie has on Melissa because Melissa is kissing her ass and vice versa. Tre and Dolores end up leaving the brunch early which is going to make for an awkward destination wedding, but to be fair aren’t all housewives trips hellish?

The ladies are packing for Danielle’s Bimini wedding and no one is excited that at their age they are doing a ‘bride squad’ bikini photo shoot per request of the bride. Tre makes the point that it’s cheesy and poor Marge says that her breasts will be hanging at her knees so maybe Danielle should rethink this…

Dolores gets a call from Jackie to ask advice on how to mend things with Teresa. Apparently Jackie wants to mend things with Teresa so she can be friends with Melissa. At this point Jackie seems a bit obsessed with Melissa as she needs to woo her family to be close to her. Does anyone else find this weird? Meanwhile, Dolores is dropping off donations at a local shelter and paying it forward as she knows what it’s like to be a single woman. I love to see Dolores doing good as at least one of these privileged women is not completely self-obsessed.

Jennifer is having a traditional Turkish dinner to celebrate her brother’s engagement and it’s clear they are a tight knit family. Apparently Jennifer played matchmaker to his fiancee Melda as the main thing the young loves have in common is that they are both hitting their expiration date regarding children. The betrothed only spent 10 days together and the bride is being imported from the motherland; however Jennifer claims no one in her family gets divorced so no one is worried. Maybe Jennifer can set up Danielle?

The rest of the ladies land in beautiful Bimini and right off the plane Danielle is Bridezille to the 10th degree. Apparently being a bridesmaid means acting as they are the paid help and if I were Marty I would be running and FAST. Danielle doesn’t care that everyone left their children and came to another country for her wedding, they are there to work so don’t even eye those jet skis ladies!

The hotel and location look beautiful; however the Giudice/Gorga drama overshadows the good parts. I’m so over their drama and I say work it out or get off the show. No viewers are interested in it at this point; however we keep dragging this out. Luckily we move to other drama as Danielle is giving us so much crazy we don’t need to get it anywhere else.

The group meets for dinner and for appetizers we are served a hole in Danielle’s tongue – (ew.) For the main course we are served awkward conversation as we learn Marty’s children do not like Danielle (can you blame them) and for dessert we get an argument between the husband and wife to be. All in all this dinner is a success (sarcasm.) Marty reveals that he chose Danielle over his children and it’s crystal clear as to why this marriage did not work out.

Out of nowhere Dolores gets brought up and the Gorgas go off on Dolores with Melissa even giving her the middle finger. Tre naturally defends Dolores which upsets Melissa as she feels Tre doesn’t have her back. These two are both hypocrites and fight over the same thing over and over so luckily Joe Gorga shuts it down as he knows this will go nowhere. Joe drags both ladies from the table (like they are school children) and shockingly Joe Gorga is able to bring the ladies together. There is a very sweet brother and sister moment and I wish we could see more of this. Bravo Joey!

Next week we gets to see Bridezilla in all of her glory so be sure to come back to AllAboutTRH to gossip!

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