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RHOC Reunion Recap Part Three

Welcome OC fans! It’s been an explosive reunion so far and if the previews are any indication, Part Three will not disappoint.

We start out with a focus on Kelly Dodd and her season of downsizing after a divorce from her ex-husband Michael. Kelly may have downgraded in square footage but she upgrading to a PhD (and I’m not talking about a doctorate.) We learn that Michael has an official girlfriend that is a lot younger and while Kelly hasn’t met her, Vicki has but does not approve.

We then discuss one of the biggest blowouts of the season which started between Kelly and Shane at Eddie’s birthday party. Kelly feels that she could have said a lot worse to Shane other than ‘dork, twerp and pu**y‘ and even tells Emily to get her b**ch under control – yikes! Emily’s threat then comes up and defends herself by saying it wasn’t a threat in the legal sense; however when Shannon jumps in, Emily’s temper rears it’s head again and it’s not a good look. I think it’s safe to say when Kelly sees red it’s far from pretty but Emily isn’t doing herself any favors either. Kelly feels her words were justified and feels that Emily defends Shane too much; however after a few tears from Emily, the two decide to keep it civil for the sake of their friendship. Emily makes it clear that if these two hope to be in the same room Kelly cannot call her husband names and Kelly shockingly agrees to these terms.

We move on to the Jamaica trip and see a montage of the ladies less than ladylike behavior (including Grandma Vicki’s twerking.) Apparently Briana wisely advised her mom never to twerk again, much to the disappointment of Andy Cohen and Tamra (but none of us viewers.) The feud of the season comes up: AKA the demise of Shannon and Tamra’s friendship which imploded in Jamaica and eventually led to Shannon’s breakdown.

We start from the beginning, with Shannon admitting that she called Tamra several times a day due to her painful divorce and did solely rely on Tamra’s support. Tamra admits that she never told Shannon how she felt and just assumed Shannon would read her mind that Shannon kept taking from their friendship but was not giving. Gina jumps on the bandwagon, saying that Shannon is too much to take. While Shannon is a negative Nancy I don’t understand Gina’s hatred of Shannon as Gina is oddly obsessed with Tamra and Shannon’s friendship. Shannon then breaks down saying she thought she could lean on Tamra which only makes Tamra blow up as she does not want to look like an asshole. Emily hits the nail on the head by saying that Shannon controls the relationship which all the ladies seem to agree with.

Shannon’s breakdown in Jamaica comes up along with the ladies’ impromptu intervention with her. Gina seems to be seriously thirsty for a story line as she keeps taking over the conversation and no one really understands why Gina is so obsessed with Tamra and Shannon’s friendship. My assessment is either Gina has a serious hatred for Shannon or sees Shannon a a weak link as she attacks her again and again. Shannon’s breakdown comes up and we learn that the reason she went off the deep end is because apparently David had told her she needed help many times and it hit a nerve with her. We recap the Jamaica breakdown and while the ladies agree that Shannon doesn’t have a drinking problem, Kelly still stands by her comment that Shannon would be difficult to be married to. Ouch!

Tamra tears up as apparently Shannon would not speak with Tamra after the Jamaica episode aired. Tamra apologizes for gossiping with the other girls but didn’t feel that she could open up to Shannon as Shannon has a history of icing people out. Shannon breaks down saying it was hard to hear from the other ladies that she was an alcoholic, a mess and crazy as this is what David would tell her all the time.

We then discuss the aftermath from Jamaica with Gina and Kelly visiting Shannon to stir the pot along with Emily comparing Shannon to her mentally ill mother. Gina feels that Shannon manipulated the conversation by not being truthful on what went down off camera; however Shannon says that Gina is putting words in her mouth prompting Gina to call Shannon an “open book of bull sh*t.”  It’s almost pointless to try and find out which one is telling the truth as I have a feeling both are telling their own half truth.

Emily and Gina both apologize to Shannon for their meddling and while Shannon accepts their apologies it’s obvious she hates them both. We end with Shannon and Tamra back on track; however Kelly and Vicki still on rocky terms. On the round table of regrets, Kelly regrets defending David, Gina regrets meddling with Shannon and Tamra, Emily regrets threatening to kill Kelly, Vicki regrets setting Michael up and Tamra regrets venting about Shannon to the other ladies. As for Shannon? She regrets wearing spanx on camera and of course losing her sh*t in Jamaica.

We end with a shot to remember Mexico and that wraps up season 13.

Thoughts on the reunion? Let’s discuss!

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