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Heather Dubrow Reacts To Kelly Dodd Trying to Avoid Her At Orange Theory; Calls Kelly “Obsessed” Plus Kelly Responds!

Heather Dubrow is pissed at her former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd!

The former RHOC star is now slamming Kelly after catching her filming her at their Orange Theory gym.

On Kelly’s Instagram stories last week, she secretly filmed Heather and complained about trying to avoid a run-in with her former co-star.

“Heather Dubrow is just sitting there. I’m trying to avoid her at all costs, trying to get in my work out. And ugh, she won’t leave the area,” Kelly said, showing Heather chatting in front of Orange Theory with a friend.

“Stop talking! I need to get my workout done. I don’t want to run into you,” Kelly continued. “Come on, Heather Dubrow, leave. That b***h won’t leave. So, I’m going to have to face the music and run into her, which is so annoying.”

Heather quickly caught wind of Kelly’s video and wasn’t happy about it at all.

On Instagram, Heather opened up about Kelly’s issues with her saying, “Beef if when two people mutually don’t like each other, so if you don’t like me and I don’t care, then we’re not beefing, you just mad.”

Adding, “Find out who I’m NOT beefing with” enticing fans to SWIPE up and listen to her podcast about Kelly’s video.

Heather also shared a partial clip of Kelly’s video. See it below!

On the latest episode of her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World, Heather revealed her thoughts on Kelly’s video.

While Kelly was quite pissed at the idea of running into Heather at Orange Theory, Heather was unaware that there was tension between them.

“First of all, apparently we have a feud. Can you have a feud if only one of you is feuding? I think the only way you can have a feud by yourself is if you have multiple personalities. How can you have a feud if we aren’t feuding?” Heather questioned.

“I’ve been off the show two years and it’s not like I’m vying to come back. It’s not like there’s imminent conversations,” Heather explained.

Heather explained that while she and Kelly have had some issues over the years, she believed everything was fine between them.

Despite their drama last year when Kelly accused Heather’s husband Dr. Terry Dubrow of killing a patient, the two have had very little contact since Heather left RHOC.

“It was copacetic. She apologized for the Terry thing, I said, ‘Fine,’ she tweeted, ‘They were so nice.’ That was kind of the end of that,” Heather recalled.

As for the gym drama, Heather says Kelly could have easily slipped into the gym without making a scene.

“In the light of day, in the parking lot of Orange Theory, this grown woman, this mother is sitting in the car filming me and my friend Sarah because we’re standing outside Orange Theory talking,” Heather explained. “I’m not blocking the door. I haven’t barricaded it. She didn’t want to run into me because she didn’t want to say, ‘Hi’?”

“Maybe I should be flattered that she is obsessed with me or wants to make a thing because clearly, you’re not going to make a video and post it and say my name seven times. You want me to see it, right? Okay, Kelly, I saw it! Thanks for the laughs,” she said. “It’s so weird.”

While Kelly and Heather had their fair share of drama with each other, Heather chooses to look back at the good times instead of focusing on the drama.

“When people ask me about the show, I don’t think back and go back to what so-and-so said to me or what I said to so-and-so. There’s so many fun, hysterical moments that you have with these women and you bond so much. Even Kelly and I, we had some really great moments together in our couple of years there together,” she pointed out.

As for the video, Heather says “I’m a little flattered because I feel like she might be mildly obsessed with me. I got the good laugh and I don’t know, I feel like I had to discuss it. It’s hilarious. It’s so funny.”

“Listen, Kelly is basically a nice person. She’s a good mom and I think her daughter is sweet. I don’t know why she wants to feud with me but I would just say after two years of being off the show, in the words of Frozen, let it go!” Heather declared.

“Or don’t. Hold on to it and be obsessed. What can I tell you?” Heather wrapped.

After Heather’s podcast went up, Kelly had some pretty choice words for on Twitter.

Kelly claims that Heather previously went after her at Orange Theory which is why she wanted to avoid her altogether.

The RHOC star also claims that Heather is “thirsty” and questioned why Heather doesn’t use the gym in her mansion that she “wouldn’t show for the world.”

See more tweets below!

Thoughts on this drama? Is it odd that Kelly was filming Heather? Is Kelly obsessed with Heather? Are you Team Kelly or Team Heather? Do you think Heather is thirsty? Sound off below!

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