Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice Sued For Trashing Rental Home

Yikes, Teresa Giudice is once again in legal trouble!

Radar Online reports that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is being sued for trashing her Ortly Beach vacation rental.

Teresa was sued in August 2018 for $3000 in property damage and breach of contract by Peter and Donna Ruffini.

Apparently, Teresa agreed to “no pets and no smoking on premises” during her stay at the beach home.

However, the property owners claim Teresa didn’t abide by the previously agreed terms.

“There was a dog. in the house for more than a week and house smelled of smoke,” the complaint read. “On first deck, there was a plastic cup left with an empty packet of cigarettes, along with butts spread all over the front parking area.”

The damage doesn’t end there. The complaint also said that the home’s hardwood floors were scratched and that the area rug in the dining room and a sofa cushion were stained.

The tenant who moved in after the Giudice’s claimed that two of the dining room chairs were “completely broken.”

“Dish mat was laid over dish rack to the right of the kitchen sink; upon lifting both full of mold and mildew,” the complaint continued. “[Metal] bed frame was broken, wood footboard bent.”

In the bedroom, “one wall was scratched down to sheetrock with a red/pink stain on it. The runner on top of the dresser’s mirror also had a stain.”

Finally, “the vertical blinds were torn off the rod and laid on sofa. The other blinds were attached with duct tape.”

Teresa was given a September 26, 2018 court date, but the Ocean County  Superior Court says the cast was “settled per telephone call.”

These claims are crazy but who knows what may have gone down. I remember two summers ago, me and Jenna, remember Jenna? she used to write for us, went and did drive-bys of all the RHONJ’s summer houses. Fun times LOL.

Thoughts on the claims against  Teresa? Are you shocked Teresa would leave her vacation rental in such shambles? Do you believe Teresa trashed her vacation home? Sound off below!

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